Packing Liquids and Perishables When Moving

Packing liquid and perishables need special preparation and knowledge. It is hard, mainly because of the damages, but not impossible. There are a few things that you should know, like in any other moving. It is a reason why overseas shipping companies have special preparation for it. In most cases, you will organize special containers and packages for them.

  • Consider of leaving them behind – maybe the liquid you want to transport is not that important or necessary for you;
  • Organize special packing and packages – you cannot merely put bottles in the boxes so do not forget to buy or provide special packages for them;
  • Moving from Japan is challenging in many ways – changing of temperature is one of them and it could affect your liquids;
  • The company could refuse packing liquids and perishables if find it dangerous or too hard – prepare for it or that you will need to find a unique moving company to transport;
  • Many liquids are dangerous – they could damage boxes or vehicles where you transport them, so consider it when moving.

For many moving companies packing liquids is very hard. Some of them avoid organizing moving of them and kindly will refuse. However, you can organize packing and move of drinks on your own. You should know a few essential things about it. Also, do not forget about protection.

Bath oil
There are different types of liquids that you can transport

Prepare for packing liquids and perishables on time

You should inform about liquid and perishables long before moving. It includes specifies of those liquids. Learn how they behave at high temperatures or tumbling. It also contains documents that you will need for transport. Do not forget that some countries forbid them.

Inform what of liquids you can transport

It is no coincidence that some international air freight forwarders would not transport your liquids and perishables. There is strict law about it. Also, maybe you will need to prepare special legislation. Among those liquids that you cannot transport are gasoline, acid, ammunition, perishables, and car batteries. If you must transport some of them, inform them about documentation.

Prepare documentation

Global forwarding depends on documentation that follows every specific item. When speaking about the documentation, it presumes special allowances and licenses for transporting. If you have reason to transport perishable items, you will need to consult exceptional professionals for it. They will organize everything you need. Do not forget that in some cases you will maybe need to have licenses to transport.

Common liquids could be dangerous

We do not think about the liquids that use every day and how dangerous they could be. We take it for granted and do not consider unique problems. However, they could do severe damages during transportation. Nail polish or cleaning liquids could damage the vehicle or make wounds on the skin.

Find eco-friendly bins

There are a lot of for it. First of all, eco-friendly packages are made of natural materials. They do not react with chemicals and acids, so they represent the cleanest and safe way for transport. It is also good to use materials that do not damage the environment. If you have dangerous liquids, you should have a way to protect everything you can.

Some liquids are perishable at the same time so hard for packing

Packing liquids and perishables are challenging but possible

If you have decided to transport your package in any circumstance, you should prepare them adequately for packing. It is not hard but demands unique tools, bottles, and protection. There are situations when you will need a hand refrigerator or bottles made of glass. However, you should know that most of those packages are made for protection. Do not avoid them in any circumstance.

Get rid of things that do not need

It is the first advice that you will get when packing for transport. You should make a list of the items that you do not use and need. It is much better to leave it behind when moving. Especially if you have liquids that are in opened bottles, when it comes to the perishables, consider or throwing away. You could buy everything after moving.

Be careful with hazardous materials

Some companies will not accept moving them, and they have a good reason for that. However, if you need to transport them, prepare for it carefully. There is a long list of steps that you should make during preparation. Protection is in the first place.

Close bottle

Maybe it sounds obvious, but you should close and protect bottles for transport. However, it is not easy. Although bottles have good caps, the liquid could spill through it. There are right ways for protection. The easiest is to put plastic below the cap and tight well.

Do not protect to protect bottles

People forget to protect bottles from damaging. Most of them are made of plastic, so we think that they are hard enough. In most cases, they are. However, sometimes, they can fall and damage. So, act like they are fragile items and fill the gaps between.

Pink wine
Bottles have its caps but those are usually not enough

Protect when packing liquids and perishables

It is hard to protect items in your vehicle when moving. If you have one of those special liquids, you will need special preparation. They could behave unpredictable and do severe damage. Not only that, but hazardous liquids are also dangerous. Even nail polish could make trouble if you have not protected it adequately.

Be careful with perishables

There is a reason why perishables are specific. If you have not eaten or used them on time, you can end up with bad and possibly dangerous things. So, follow the guide and check the expiration date on the package. You should make a plan for how long you can use the liquid. If you will travel for a long time, or not eat soon, it is pointless to pack with you.

Be careful with the temperature

High temperature is dangerous for everything you take with you. However, when packing liquid and perishables you must have in mind how temperature effects on them. Make sure that you have prepared the right package, like a hand refrigerator. It is essential for flammable chemicals.

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