Packing Heavy Furniture For Moving Overseas

You surely expect that packing heavy furniture for moving overseas takes too long. It is tough especially for people who do it for the first time. When it comes to preparing, overseas shipping companies recommend asking professionals how to organize it. Even for them, it demands preparation and skills. However, if you choose a good company it will not be so hard as you may think. For furniture and large items is most important to declutter and separate smaller parts. In that way, you will be able to pack everything. However, it is hard to organize it if not have any experience. Also, you will need a proper tool and possible wardrobe to protect yourself. So, maybe is better to leave it to professionals.

Living room
You should prepare for decluttering of the furniture before packing

Prepare for packing heavy furniture for moving overseas

When packing of the furniture for relocation is about, many professionals recommend finding a proper tool. It is not hard, though, in hardware stores. Also, you should keep the manual of your furniture, or find tutorials on the internet. It is good to mention that professionals also recommend considering leaving it behind. You could buy new furniture after the relocation.

  • Protection is most important when packing heavy furniture for moving overseas – you should think about corners, edges, and bottoms;
  • Safety should be in your mind, too – people who pack, load the truck or organize transportation should not worry if the box will open and harm them;
  • We should not forget about workers that will pack your items – they are professional, but still cannot lift too large or heavy boxes so consider to make them smaller;
  • Although transportation is at first place when moving to Japan in any circumstance, vehicle for your heavy furniture should be specialized for that purpose;
  • Pack items properly and do not forget on labels – that way workers in the company will know what to pay attention to.

Consider leaving

The first on our list of steps you should do when pack heavy furniture is to not pack it at all. We must warn you that this process will cost very much and takes time. You surely know that moving internationally costs much. Leaving furniture could save the money that you can use to buy new furniture in Japan.

Packing preparation

For most people preparation is not that important. They consider it as losing time. However, it is a very important part of your relocation. You will see that after making a list of properties and preparing for decluttering of the furniture you will still have time for moving itself. All other jobs you should leave to professionals like Kokusai Express Moving.


No matter how old your furniture is, consider using insurance in case of something damage during relocation. It is not too expensive, considering the whole situation with moving. Insurance could cover your harms and injuries of the workers. On the other hand, you will protect your items from losing.

Room with chairs
There are a lot of ways to organize the packing of your furniture

Packing heavy furniture for moving overseas

Maybe packing seems much easier after decluttering, but you still have a lot of work to do. People who have organized relocations know that you still have a lot of things to think about. Among the most important is how to find large boxes and protect them. Do not forget that you will need to label them properly, too.

Make quick inspection

Before starting with packing, you should make a quick check of your furniture. There are a lot of things that you should do. Firstly, make sure that there are no scratches or smaller damages. Even if you find them, it is much better to know before packing. Also, find all loose parts and fix them.


The most important part of packing heavy furniture for relocation is decluttering. It is not possible to transport furniture otherwise. However, do not do it alone, especially if you are not a professional in this job. Use a manual that came with the furniture or ask people in a store for help.

Packing supplies

It is hard to find proper packing supplies for packing furniture, especially if you do not have the help of professionals. However, make sure that you have found things that are specially made for furniture. In that way, you can be sure that you will easily and professionals protect your furniture. Also, find sturdy boxes, tape, and wrapping papers and plastics.

Warnings about packing heavy furniture for moving overseas

There are a few things that you should pay attention to when picking furniture for moving. Among the most important is to protect items and yourself. Do not forget that your furniture will travel long before coming to the destination. A lot of things could happen there. Also, do not forget about protecting people who will load the boxes and help you in unpacking.

Living room
Do not forget on obligations when transporting furniture

Label boxes

It is crucial to mark your boxes and write on them what is inside. For most people, it means writing a list of the items inside. However, it is important to mark if things inside are damageable and fragile. In that way, you will notice to the workers in the company to pay special attention to your stuff. Label the bottom and top of the box, too.

Protect corners and hands

In case you have not taken off hands, you should wrap them in paper or plastic for transport. Also, you should put cardboard on the corners, even though you have packed furniture in a box. There are special additions for these purposes. If furniture has polished parts, wrap them in paper or linen.

Protect glass

The most sensitive part of your furniture will surely be parts made of glass. You should put them between two pieces of cardboard and wrap in linen or blanket. Also, make sure that nothing is typed on glass and nobody can touch it.


The law defines rights and responsibilities when shipping. Every company follows it and should explain to you what to expect. However, do not rely on the law in this case. Packing heavy furniture for moving overseas is serious and you should ask professionals to help you.


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