Packing and Storing Products Before Shipping

Packing and storing products before shipping is a very important job to learn. You should not forget that proper packing protects your stuff and saves space. On the other hand, storing the items is more than packing properly. You must protect from damage, and in some cases, from stealing and wastage. In cases when you cannot control shipping and delaying, you must learn to properly pack items for storage. Professional air freight forwarders have all the equipment and tools for these purposes.

When you choose to organize the packing of the items alone, you should know a few things. For most people, it is an easy job that everyone could do. However, you should know that people that work in shipping companies are skilled and experienced in this job. Also, they have a proper tool and know to use it. So, if you need to pack items to put in storage, you should rely on professionals.

It is very important to protect items when packing and storing products before shipping

Packing and storing products before shipping

In this case, you should behave like a professional. However, it is not easy if you do not have any experience. It is more important to learn to organize this job easier. Also, you can purchase quality packing materials, but still not use them properly. So, the first you need to learn is to prepare items. Maybe you should ask professionals for advice.

  • Protection should be in the first place when packing and storing products before shipping – you must pay special attention to items that could easily damage;
  • The size of the items is very important – you must not forget that you will need space to put all boxes but not one on the top of the other;
  • Moving to Japan is already expensive – you should find a good way to save money whenever you can including using smaller storage;
  • For most people is important to have a good location of the storage especially if you need to visit or transport your items often;
  • Time of storing could be crucial especially if you need to put items there during holidays when is most crowded.


The first you should have when storing items are boxes in different sizes. You should know that it is not enough to have only large boxes. Good organization presumes using different sizes of boxes for different purposes. If you need to have a recommendation and all you need at one place, Kokusai Express Moving to help you.

Use sturdy boxes

You will need boxes that are protective enough for all stuff you have. However, you don’t have to prepare sturdy boxes for all items you have. It is good enough to have a few good boxes for sensitive and valuable items. Companies that organize exhibition cargo know that it saves money and still protects what needs protection.


You cannot be sure how long you will keep items in the storage. Although you have a plan, you cannot predict all. So, it is good to have with you all the documents that follow electric devices and other items. It includes warranties and proof of ownership – all that customs clearance could ask for.

Steel tanks
It is very important to choose proper packing material for storage

Protection should be in the first place when packing and storing products before shipping

People believe that our items are protected in storage and nothing can happen to them. However, they are wrong. There are a lot of things that could happen in storage. Although they are in a dark and cold place, they could have mold or fall from the shelves. So, if you need to protect your items in the storage the best is to learn what problems you can have there.


There are a lot of wrapping materials that companies use for packing and storing products. The commonly used material is plastic, but it is not always good. You should check how materials act when contacting plastic. It is especially important when using plastic not to make it too tight. Plastic could damage materials that items are made of.

Fill gaps

When packing items you should pay attention to gaps between them in boxes. It is the reason why professionals recommend to use different sizes of boxes. If you cannot follow that guidance, you can put all you have in one large box and then fill gaps with soft but protective materials.

Protect fragile items properly

No matter how expensive those items are, you should protect them from damage. There are a lot of items that are fragile although they do not look like that at first glance. The best way to protect them is to use Styrofoam and similar materials.

Label boxes

Maybe you feel like you will easily recognize boxes and the content of them when you open the storage next time, but do not be fooled by the size or shape of the box. You must write on the box what is inside of it. Also, you can make a simple labeling system that will help you to make your storage organized.

Packing and storing products before shipping includes special items, too

It is very hard to pack and protect products before shipping especially if they are different from any other that you have. Special items are usually those that are valuable or very sensitive so you need to pack them properly. In case that they are antiques, you have an even harder job. You must not allow yourself to damage them in any circumstance. So, learn how to protect them from scratches, breaking, and other damages.

Storage with boxes
There are items that contain fragile parts that you need to protect

Glass and mirrors

Maybe your furniture is old and does not seem fragile. However, you should pay attention to fragile parts. Usually, they have glass and mirrors which you can damage easily. So, use tapes, cardboard, and paper to wrap and protect those parts.


If you have antiques to store you should prepare them with special care. They are sensitive and expensive. However, there are great ways to protect them, with useful packing material and tools. You should ask professionals for advice if you’re not sure how it will go.

Family valuables

Although those do not need to be especially expensive, you and your family could consider them as the most important pieces in their lives. We know that you love your dishwasher, and for you, it is the most valuable appliance in the house. So, packing and storing products before shipping is more than learning about shipping. It is always a little emotional.

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