Packing and shipping goods to Tokyo

You are moving home again and this time you decided on moving to Japan. An international move is not a small feat and as you know, you must work on the moving logistics, pack flawlessly, and find movers to assist you all the way. So, let us figure out to hardest part together and find the best way for packing and shipping goods to Tokyo. Let’s take a look.

Create your relocation plan first

If you want to cover packing and shipping goods to Tokyo impeccably, then you must work on your moving plan thoroughly. Take a serious approach and inspect your entire home. Ensure you note down all the furniture and other household items onto your inventory list. Create a moving checklist with all the moving responsibilities as well. Pair those two together and you can start working on your moving budget, packing materials requirements, and moving services.

Laptop covered in sticky notes
Create a moving plan, calculate your budget, and realize the complexity of your relocation.

Once you have your relocation plan on paper, call your international movers Japan and start working on the final piece. Let them observe your findings and use this info to create the safest, cheapest, and most efficient way to ship your cargo abroad. More importantly, to relocate you, your family, and everything you possess without any damages or injuries.

Decide on how to cover packing and shipping goods to Tokyo

The greatest question in this story is how to ship your cargo? Or should we say, which service will suit you the most? Check out what your movers offer and decide according to your personal needs. Consider the following:

  • Door-to-door pickup.
  • Storage.
  • Air and Sea freight shipping.
  • Complete packing and moving services.

Obviously, if you have a stronger moving budget, you could afford a complete service where you do not need to lift a finger. Although, if you are limited, then you must choose services that you’ll benefit the most from. Therefore, check what is out there and consult with your family and your moving budget.

Find a reliable moving and shipping company

The next step is to find a reliable moving company to help you with packing and shipping goods to Tokyo. You will easily find them online but you must compare prices and services to reach the final result. Check out all the moving services they offer and ensure they are legit and licensed to work with. Read feedbacks and reviews from previous customers and confirm the yare the company is worth working with.

Find a good company for packing and shipping goods to Tokyo
Find a reliable and professional moving and shipping company.

We can help you here by recommending Kokusai Express Moving company. This is a professional moving team with all the tools, permits, knowledge, and enough experience to cover your entire moving endeavor flawlessly. Take a look and consider this option when the time comes.

The safest ways of packing and shipping goods to Tokyo

Now when you have found your moving company and cover most of the moving tasks, the only thing left to do is to decide how to ship your items. As we mentioned before, there are a few options but the best one is to use air freight forwarders. A moving company will secure your cargo and ship it internationally. You won’t have to wait for weeks on your cargo and you can start unpacking right away. In some cases, your cargo will wait for you, nicely stashed away in one of the safest storage facilities in the world. Consider this shipping option seriously.

As for packing, you can cover it yourself by using cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels. But because this is an international shipment, maybe it would be the best option to either let your movers cover the complete packing process or let them assist at least.

Packing and shipping goods to Tokyo is not so hard as you can see. The only hard part here is the packing process which you should let your movers cover. Simply because the whole batch must be perfectly packed to endure this voyage. But if you know how to do it right, then go ahead. Gather all necessary packing supplies and pack away. Japan awaits!

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