Packing a moving truck – what goes first?

Packing a moving truck should not be so hard. However, there are situations when you should know which items to put first. We all know that there are things that we should put on the top of the boxes in a moving truck. People also have learned that a good cargo arrangement helps much.

  • Proper packing maximizes the space significantly – it provides space for all boxes and items;
  • It is obvious that you should put fragile items on the top – but also things that could damage other things you must put on the safe position;
  • You will have fewer trips back if you prepare and plan your moving properly;
  • This allows you DIY packing and moving, which surely presumes fewer workers and lower expenses;
  • Thanks to good preparation, this also helps in using fewer packing supplies.

As we saw, this is a great way to make you moving cheaper. However, packing a moving truck should not be rocket science.

An hourglass
Properly packing a moving truck save money

Preparation for packing

There are a few steps that you should do before packing a moving truck. Those are important for protecting, but also for saving time. Well, preparation is half of the good jobs done.

Find out which size of the truck you should have

Even though this sounds not much important. As the matter of fact, people usually do not know that there are different sizes of the trucks. The larger truck is not good for a lot of small boxes and items. You could save money if you use a smaller truck, too. However, packing a moving truck starts from choosing the best size of the truck. It is especially important when using domestic moving services.

Make a plan before packing

This should be the first step when moving is about. However, many people think that they will just put boxes when the truck arrives. Planning of the packaging saves money and time when moving.

Disassemble the furniture

This should be the first thing, of course. However, it would be much easier when you have smaller items before packing. You will pack parts of the furniture easier. They should take less space, too.

Packing a moving truck

This is an important step when moving, actually. Make sure that you have prepared all before this step starts. It means that you have all boxes and items at one place. Workers in moving company and driver of the truck will put on the cost list time they have waited. This presumes that you have a plan for packing, too.

Thumbs up after packing a moving truck
You can leave to workers in moving company to pack your truck

Wrap the furniture (and items) in the plastic

Even though this is obvious, people forget on it. The things that are on the bottom could be damaged firstly. We know that you will put the hardest items there, but still, make sure that you have protected them properly. Packing a heavy lift cargo should be even more carefully.

Every table, headboard, and coach put in an upright position

It sounds obvious, but people still forget. You must be imaginative when packing a moving truck. Large items and parts obviously take more space when they are on the ground. So, put them uprights, where they will not damage anything. It will also protect them from damage. This could be the best resolution for exhibition cargo.

Kitchen machines put in boxes

You will surely pack large devices and fragile machines first. However, people forget about small kitchen appliances when packing a moving truck. Those are fragile but easy for packing. Put them in boxes, thus. It is best if you have their original packages.

Roll up

You will not put a carpet unpacked, that is for sure. However, roll up it and put upright, if it is possible. You can put it on the side, or below other items. You can also use it for protection, or as protection between layers.

Speaking about the layers…

Put the heaviest and the largest items on the bottom of the truck. However, when the first layer is full, put something as protection. Then put another layer. Those layers should be lighter with each new layer. Make sure that those are fixed properly.

Well packed containers
Ensure your cargo safety with proper packing.

Gather small supplies

Every small part put in one larger box. Protect them if they are fragile. It will save space and time when packing a moving truck. You can also use tapes or wrapping paper for gathering.

Put wardrobe on the top

This is a final step when packing a moving truck. We are sure that you know it, thus. All soft and items that cannot damage other things will be on the top. In that way, they will not damage other things, or themselves. However, make sure that they are safe in the properly closed box.

Tips and tricks

You have done everything we say above. However, there are always small tips that could be lifesavers at the end. People usually forget about them, though.

Safety first

Whatever you do, make sure that everybody that is involved in packing in moving truck is safe. It means protecting of the boxes, taping with the wide tape, fixing in the truck. Do not forget to check everything when packing is finished. There could be boxes that can fall down when moving, too. Especially prepare for moving internationally.

Distribute items from side to side

Even though this is not exactly packing a moving truck, it is important. Do never put boxes in the middle of the truck. They will move during traveling and make damage. Make sure that everything is fixed and tight before moving. That also presumes that you should distribute weight evenly. As the most important is to know how much the truck can tow before moving. It will help you in finding the best option for you.

Use moving straps

There are so many things that could help you to protect items when moving. However, packing a moving truck presumes protection, too. So, use whatever you can for that. You can use ropes or tapes to fix boxes. There are also things like hooks or wires that you have at home.

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