Overseas Shipping Mobile Home

Owning a mobile home is such a privilege. You can sit, drive and live pretty much wherever you want. You can live in every part of your country. But, what if you decide to move your mobile home? Even more, what if you decide to move it overseas? Without an intention to scare you off, it is as complicated as it sounds. Because you cannot simply hitch it to the back of your truck and take off. There are many standards that you have to fulfill. Moving a mobile home has to meet today’s HUD standards, also called a “manufactured home”. Not to mention that this massive undertaking is quite expensive. However, by hiring reliable overseas moving companies, this project can be done successfully. In this article, we’ll present you with some crucial facts and tips related to overseas shipping mobile home. Buckle up!

In the beginning, how much does overseas shipping mobile home cost?

Let’s start with the answers to this question which, without a doubt, interests you the most. When it comes to overseas shipping mobile homes, the cost will depend on a wide variety of factors. For example, the cost will depend on labor costs, moving materials, mobile home size, etc. Logically, long-distance relocations will cost more, while local relocations will likely cost less. When it comes to local moves, it is often that movers charge a minimum fee, regardless of distance. All in all, the move will cost you at least $1.000. But the transportation of a mobile home, without additional services, may cost you between $1.000 and $5.000. Also, you can use the services of warehouse Japan and make the whole process a lot easier.

Overseas shipping mobile home can cost a lot of money.
There are many factors you have to pay attention to when shipping your mobile home overseas.

The list of factors that affect the overseas mobile home shipping cost

As we previously said, the cost of shipping will depend on so many factors. It will also vary from shipping to shipping. Anyhow, looking for best moving rates is obligatory. But, several common factors affect every mobile home relocation. For example:

  • Size of the mobile home: This will have a big effect on the overall mobile home shipping cost. Double-wide will cost more to move than single-wide, as expected. In case your mobile home is too wide to safely drive it down the street, there might be an additional cost. You may have to pay for a police escort or a temporary road closure if it takes up more than one lane to drive.
  • Weight of the mobile home: The first rule is that the heavier your mobile home is, the more moving materials and equipment will be needed. Consequently, this leads to more money spending. According to some data, newer manufactured homes weigh from 45 to 50 lbs., while older ones weigh between 35 to 40 lbs. per square foot.
  • The distance of the relocation: Let’s simplify. The shorter the move, the cheaper the shipping will be. Overseas shipping mobile home means more miles, and more miles mean more money. Also, with a “wide load” behind the movers, they won’t be able to drive fast. Besides, a longer move may require investing in the new equipment of the moving company.
  • Inspection and permits: If you’re shipping your mobile home to a different state, you may need to acquire permits for each territory it enters. Fortunately, your movers can often help you to get all the necessary permits before the relocation. When it comes to inspections, ask around if there’s a mandatory inspection of older mobile homes. This can often cost you more.

The benefits of hiring professionals to handle overseas shipping mobile home

As you surely figured out by now, we don’t recommend shipping a mobile home overseas by yourself. For this is such a difficult task. It requires a team of professionals. They are trained in setting up a mobile home, but also to drive large loads attached to the back of their truck. Even though hiring a moving company to handle the shipping isn’t cheap, there are so many good reasons to hire them.

Movers know how to relocate your mobile home.
Professional movers will know how to handle overseas shipping mobile home due to their experience.

Moving companies can obtain all the necessary permits for you

Before your move, experienced moving companies will handle all the necessary permit requirements. That includes local and state transportation permits or set-up permits. Don’t worry. They’ll take care of everything for you.

Moving professionals will transport the mobile home with ease

It is very hard to drive a large truck with an oversized load behind it. If you are not an experienced truck driver, we recommend hiring professionals to do the work. Especially if they need to drive long-distance.

Moving professionals will save you time and energy

If you hire a reliable moving company, that will save you from all sorts of problems that can happen later down the road. Experienced movers will manage a smooth and easy move. Paying extra money is worth it.

Think about getting insurance

When it comes to overseas shipping mobile home, don’t forget buying insurance. You don’t want to risk any damage that may occur, because accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Make sure to financially protect yourself and your property.

An additional factor you have to take into consideration

Besides all the factors mentioned in this article, there is more to come.

Set up services

As we already said, hiring full-service movers for your mobile home shipping overseas will cost you more. Moving companies will surely charge you the transport, but some of them will require a separate fee for taking apart or setting up your mobile home. On the other hand, some movers require homeowners to remove their mobile home’s exterior features before the relocation.

Include all the factors before you ship your mobile home overseas.
It is never easy to ship your mobile home overseas, but it is manageable.

Are you ready for overseas shipping mobile home?

We hope we’ve managed to help you and prepare you for the overseas shipping mobile home. If you follow our guidelines, there is no need to worry. We guarantee you a satisfying experience. Good luck!

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