Overseas relocation mistakes to avoid

Every beginning is hard. Sometimes in life, huge changes have to be made, and that is not easy. That energy can be confusing but yet exciting. Some people decide to get familiar with another culture, some people choose to leave their old lives behind for love, and sometimes our jobs are our priorities, and we have to relocate overseas. Moving from Japan to USA is a good example of such a huge challenge. It is definitely a way of leaving your comfort zone. And that is where the magic happens. But there are a few overseas relocation mistakes to avoid.

Common overseas relocation mistakes expats make

Sometimes even with a great plan, unexpected situations can happen. If you are not doing thorough research about how to become an expat, you should. Getting familiar with the culture and visa procedure, finding convenient plane tickets, and reliable moving company is necessary. If you skip this part, you can lose a lot of money, energy, time, and sometimes valuables before even hopping on that flight.

relocating overseas
Relocating overseas can be very stressful

We know that changing your life’s dynamic is hectic, so here are some common overseas relocation mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Do your research!

Information is the key. Be prepared. Even if you are familiar with where you are going, make sure to do your research. The more familiar you are with your new destination and all aspects of it, your transition to your new home will be easier. You will actually be able to enjoy relocating overseas.

Get familiar with the culture. Make sure to get familiar with social and religious norms. Countries such as Japan have a set of interesting social standards. Not being familiar with them can be disrespectful for locals, and we want to avoid that, right? There are many amazing tips if you are moving from Japan to Australia.

Get familiar with the place you are going to live in. Learn about their traditional food, convenient ways of transportation. If you are going to drive, make sure to see if your driving license is valid overseas. Depending on the country you will be moving in, you will need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP). If having a car is not convenient and you have to rely on public transportation, learn as much as you can about it. Bus or Metro? Monthly or annual transportation ticket? Knowing this information will save you from confusion, and you will successfully save some money.

Culture shock is sometimes inevitable, but you can rely on books, online videos. Many people are sharing their experiences when they moved overseas and interesting blog posts. Try to avoid common overseas relocation mistakes. The transition can be easier if you are prepared.

hand writing something down
Prepare yourself for your new life

Mistake #2: Not choosing a reliable moving company

No one likes surprises. Moving all your stuff overseas and starting a new life is definitely not cheap. Remember that sometimes the cheapest way can be the worst way. Imagine if you choose the cheapest moving company with no reviews from previous customers. It has a bad website, and not very good customer support. But you choose it just because it is cheap. There is no guarantee that your valuable stuff will arrive safely and not broken to your new destination. Therefore make sure to make a perfect balance between quality of service and a price

  • Look at their website, see if the company has good reviews from other customers
  • Get familiar with their insurance policy and their price list
  • Don’t hesitate to get direct information from their customer care representative. Their responsiveness and answers to your questions will tell you a lot about the company and its relationships with clients.

Mistake #3: Air freight might be faster, but ocean freight is better!

If you have to move fastly and your time is limited, air freight may be your only hope. Some say the at it is more reliable, but it costs a lot.160$ ocean shipment can cost more than 1000$ if you decide to ship it by air. Airfreight has way more strict regulations for shipping certain things, so that can narrow your options a lot.

A big advantage of air freight is the speed of delivery when it comes to relocating your belongings overseas. Your cargo can reach your destination in just 4 days, and if your option is ocean freight, it can take up to a month.

By choosing an ocean fright, you will get more capacity and more options by way lower price.

Using sea freight -large metal containers on a cargo ship is one of ways to avoid overseas relocation mistakes
Sea freight is definitely something you should consider

Your stuff will be placed in large metal containers, which will be lifted by special cranes. Make sure that your stuff is carefully and professionally packed and protected because tribulations can damage your valuables. Bear in mind that ocean freight has a better carbon footprint front, so it is safer for certain materials. Our recommendation is always to choose ocean fright if you are not in a hurry. You will save money and get more capacity and value.

4. Mistake #4: Don’t wing it, make a plan!

An idea without a plan is just a wish. Relocating to a new country, especially overseas, is thrilling, for sure, but it costs. It costs you money, energy, and time. Having that on your mind is very important, so make sure to have an optimal plan

Give yourself time. Time is one of the most important factors, and with a good plan, all odds will be in your favor. If you have to pack your whole house, consult your international moving company representative about the approximate time of packing and delivering the goods. Always give an additional day or two. It is better to be early than sorry.

Sell stuff that you don’t need. Shipping and packing stuff that you don’t need can add up to thousands of dollars. If you are moving overseas permanently and don’t want to ship your furniture, do research on places where you can buy new house essentials.

Establish a budget. Besides shipping your belongings overseas, there are many additional costs like plane tickets, visas, residence permits, health insurance, etc. Make sure to have everything covered to be safe and secured.

This life-changing experience can be fun and easy

We hope that this list of commonly overseas relocation mistakes to avoid will alleviate this big transition for you. Make a plan, do research and take a leap of faith. Good luck!

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