Moving to Japan this winter: Top livable cities

Moving to Japan this winter could be a challenging and exciting moment in your life. Japan is known for its exciting culture and completely different way of living. As it is in the Far East, it could also have a different climate. For that reason, relocating to this country, you should prepare carefully after learning more about Japan. However, if you have doubts about relocation and organizing moving, Kokusai Express Japan is a company that will help you thoroughly in this process. Do not hesitate to rely on them in the most challenging moments.

Which are the most livable cities in Japan?

If you are moving for work, you indeed have a plan and the place where you will go into. However, if you can choose the most livable city, you should learn more about them. One of the most critical questions is how large the city is and how many people live there so that you can estimate the cost of living and other conditions.

Japan during winter
Moving to Japan this winter could be challenging


Let’s start with the most popular major city in Japan, Tokyo, and represent how moving to Japan this winter could look here. With 14 million people, Japan is this country’s most important urban place. Thanks to business, it has many foreigners that come here to live. It is where most people speak English, which is a common reason why moving internationally is challenging. The most common job for ex-pats is teaching English, so you can live here without learning Japanese. Tokyo is also a great place to visit, so more than 31 million tourists visit it yearly.


Although not popular or extensive, Osaka is a city worth mentioning when moving to Japan this winter. The city has only 2.6 million people, but it is the culinary capital of Japan. Any Japanese dish cook and like you can find here. You should not worry about kitchen appliances when trying anything in restaurants here. One of the most versatile dishes here is a pancake made of anything you can find in your kitchen. If you still want to come here with your appliances, international air freight forwarders will gladly help you.


Not as popular as other places, but still important to inform about when moving to Japan this winter is Sapporo. It is known for cold winters, with shallow temperatures below freezing. If you must transport large furniture, you will have big troubles during the winter. Therefore, you should hire heavy-lift cargo and rely on professionals. However, Sapporo is known for outdoor activities that people visit during the coldest days and months. It presumes annual snow festivals, open bars, and sports enthusiasts that could count more than 2 million visitors annually. Also, Sapporo is very cheap in comparison with Tokyo, so worth considering for your next place of living.

Make sure that you have prepared to move

Even if you have planned to move to Japan for a long time, there are a lot of questions to ask before proceeding. You should research many details. One is organizing living, real estate costs, and medical insurance. Also, you will need a working allowance and visa.

Winter in Japan
You should prepare for extremely cold winters


Moving to Japan this winter is associated with snow and low temperatures, but it does not need to be like that. Japan is known for its wide climate ranges, so you can find places where winters are warm and pleasant. Kyoto is one of those places, with 35C summer temperatures and much warmer winters. It caused many specify about this place.

  • Kyoto is known for its great botanical gardens and many types of flowers and plants in one place;
  • Moving to Japan this winter could be great for Western people due to flowering trees and cherry blossom season;
  • You should prepare for moving to Japan properly and learn more about their culture and climate.


Another not widely known place in Japan, but undoubtedly one of those people remember is Okinawa. With natural landscapes and the most beautiful flora and fauna, Okinawa is certainly where you would love to be. The city is blessed with beaches and perfect white sands and blue seas. Maybe not, as you may be expected to move to Japan this winter, but you can already plan a holiday there. Along with beaches, there are great parks, forests, mangroves, waterfalls, and exotic animals.

How moving to Japan this winter could look like?

When moving to another country, you should consider many different factors. One is climate and how to behave in storms and weather conditions. As you have planned to move to Japan this winter, you should be prepared for the most challenging conditions. Luckily, there are great ways to prepare for it with a reliable moving company.

Winter in Japan
Japan is known for climate diversity

Winter in Japan

It is interesting to know that Japan, although a small country, has a mixed climate. As you can live in places with high temperatures and humidity, like Tokyo, you can also end up in Kyoto and Sapporo, with freezing winters. Summers are usually sweltering, with high humidity, while winters can be freezing. Luckily, springs and autumns are more pleasant, so people in Japan love this part of the year. It means that you should avoid moving during winter if you can. If not, ensure you have prepared for low temperatures, snow (which can be very high), and storms.

Culture is different

Although Japan is like Western culture and has similar holidays and occasions, there are a few days that you should be prepared for. Also, moving to Japan this winter could be brutal due to the combination of long-held beliefs and the influence of Western culture. They are still tied to tradition and a code of acceptable conduct, which you should be prepared for. Foreigners need a long time to adjust to this culture and integrate into their traditions. You should prepare for this country adequately and learn the language, culture, customs, and cuisine. Only on that way moving to Japan this winter could be more accessible.

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