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Almost every person in the world had to relocate from one place to another throughout their life, and some had to do more than once. Actually, for some people, moving happens once or twice per year. But, just because we are doing it often that doesn’t mean we are doing it right. Actually, quite the opposite. People tend to see moving as this big, stressful event that causes so much trouble and leaves you penniless. Although we agree that moving is a difficult task, there are many ways to make it so much better. In order not to turn your relocation into a nightmare we suggested this couple of useful relocation tips. Many people before you have made so many mistakes, learn from them Tand enjoy your relocation.


read our relocation tips for better relocation
Make sure that your checklist has everything written down!

The crucial part of any moving experience is to have a good organization. This is the best way to keep everything in check and make sure it goes according to plan. There are various techniques you can use, such as agendas, mobile apps or Google calendars. but, it is important to have everything in one place, and this is the best of all the tips for relocation you can hear. But,  what is everything? Here is a list of things that you should incorporate into your organization:

  • A calendar that has every important date marked, so you wouldn’t miss out on anything.
  • A to-do-list that has not only what has to be done, but also who is the person responsible for doing it
  • A budget, so you can make sure, at any point in time, that you are not exceeding the amount of money you have at your disposal
  • Maps, contacts, contracts and all the necessary documents

One of the relocation tips people usually forget to pass on is to mind the weather. Rain, high temperatures, and humidity can be a real problem when the moving day arrives. Use everything at your disposal to prepare for different types of situations. Weather prognosis doesn’t always get it right.


When it comes to moving, packing is definitely the longest task that takes up so much of your effort. But the worse thing is – you could be doing it for hours and days and you still wouldn’t be doing it right! That could be such a big waste of time, and you most certainly don’t want that to happen. One of the most important relocation tips we can give is that time is as important as money when it comes to relocation. 

In order to pack in the most efficient way possible, and to avoid any problems down the line, you should pay attention to these relocation tips. First, make an inventory list. This way you will be able to keep track of your possessions and to organize your packing in a better way. Another thing you should do is label all of your boxes. You can color code them, or just write on them with a permanent marker. You could also use numbers. Coordinate labeling with your inventory list and you will know where everything is in no time. This will help you significantly with both- local or international relocation.


Packing takes so much time because people tend to hold on to stuff for much longer than they should. Chances are your house is filled with a lot of things you don’t need anymore. Get rid of all of that before you start packing, so you can spend less time and less money on this part of the process. One of the best relocation tips is to donate the belongings you don’t use anymore. You will make your relocation easier using domestic moving services and help someone in need.


What should your moving checklist look like
Everything you will be needing can fit into one backpack!

This is probably one of the most important moving tips out there. Don’t forget to put this on your moving checklist.  It is so important because people usually forget about this and it is very important. Your move could take hours or it could take weeks. Regardless, you aren’t going to have access to your things for a while. That is why you should take a suitcase, backpack, anything you can carry with you and fill it up with things you will be needing in the time to come. This is the moving checklist of everything you should pack:

  • Everything you need for personal hygiene, such as towels, brushes, paste, and deodorant
  • Change of clothes for different weather
  • Underwear and socks
  • Charger, phone, laptop, and earphones
  • All the necessary and important documents, contracts and ID cards


Checklists for relocation usually include only tasks and responsibilities. But there is another important thing you need to take care of – you. Your own needs and emotions will probably be all over the place. The best way to handle that is to pay attention to our relocation tips and to be responsible and organized. But, sometimes, even if you are all of that, it is still not enough. Problems will occur and you will have to meet the challenge. The important thing to know is that no amount of stress is going to help your cause. Only when you are relaxed and focused will you be able to tackle the issue you are facing. And no matter how chaotic everything starts to be, take some time to relax and to catch your breath. This will help you continue your moving with a lot more energy and patience.

As difficult as moving can get, here in Kokusai Express Japan we are open to any challenge and would feel more than happy to assist you with any issue you might have. Don’t let your fear stop you from embarking on your dream adventure. With the right partner, everything is possible!

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