Moving on short notice: tips and tricks

Moving is hard as it is. It is a task that requires a lot of time and energy. Even when it’s carefully planned it doesn’t mean that it’ll go smoothly. Furthermore, moving to Japan and thus changing a continent can be challenging. So add to that a time crunch and it becomes nearly impossible. But luckily for you, that’s what we are here for. With these tips and tricks, you’ll see that moving on short notice doesn’t have to be that difficult!

First things first

The first thing you should do is set up a moving date. Then you should hire a moving company or arrange international freight forwarding. Even though you’ve moved by yourself before and you know exactly what you need to do, having professionals help you when moving on short notice can be precious. They can do everything much faster than you. And being fast is the key when moving on short notice. Moreover, moving in a hurry can lead to breaking things. So your belongings will be safer in the hands of experienced professionals. And you’ll be able to focus on other important things related to moving.

A stopwatch with "deadline" written on it
Having professional help with help you deal with deadlines

The importance of a plan when moving on short notice

Moving on short notice can make you feel overwhelmed. You may feel like you should be doing all at once. Or that there’s always something more important that you could be doing. So you end up running around like a headless chicken and doing everything distracted. But having a clear plan will help you through it. Make a timeline where you’ll prioritize tasks and do one task at a time. That way you’ll be able to focus on what you’re doing. And you won’t be stressing about everything else that needs to be done.

When making that plan you should write all of the deadlines on one paper first. By doing so you’ll always be able to track your moving process and stick with deadlines. Having your moving process structured like that will help you stay on track. Plus it’ll help you prioritize and you’ll always know what you need to do next. So you won’t get lost in the whole process.

How to follow that plan

The next step you should take when moving on short notice is to make an international moving checklist. If you’ve ever been in a hurry then you know that it’s easy to forget even the important things. Write down things like booking the movers, transferring utilities, medical records, packing up the house, changing the address on the documents and so on. That plan that you made earlier will be of great help here. So make a list that follows that plan and those deadlines. And then just check off tasks when you’re finished with them. As you go through the list you’re are making sure that something doesn’t slip from your mind.

Have a checklist to complement that plan

Moving supplies for short-notice moving

Before you start packing, you’re going to need to buy packing supplies. And I said buy on purpose. Because even though you can find some of the packing supplies, like cardboard boxes, for free it’s not a better option. Because finding free cardboard boxes requires a lot of time and when you’re moving on short notice time is a luxury. You’d have to go to local supermarkets, stores, pharmacies and more than once in order to get enough boxes. But if you rent or buy moving supplies they’ll be delivered to you. And one more thing, those supplies that you rent or buy will be of high-quality. So you won’t have to worry about those boxes falling apart with your things inside of them. And you won’t have to clean up that mess and pack everything again like you would with used cardboard boxes.

How to pack when moving on short notice

If you haven’t started packing on time then you’ll have to be even more systematic and quick about it. The best way to accomplish that is if you pack room by room. It’ll be easier for you to organize the packing process. And you’ll be able to keep track of what you have left to pack. Whereas, packing by categories, like:

  • books
  • clothes
  • china
  • furniture

would take more time. Plus, the chance of forgetting something important would be greater.

It’s usually recommended to first pack the things you rarely use. But seeing that you are moving on short notice it’d be better to start packing the things that you are absolutely sure that you’ll be taking with you. They’ll be neatly packed and labeled. And if you run out of time for packing everything it’ll be easier to live without the things you don’t really use. It’ll also make decluttering easier. And you can always sell everything you didn’t manage to pack. It’s a great way to earn extra money considering that moving on short notice can be expensive. You can also save money on emergency shipments with these tips. So pack the things you use so that you make sure that you don’t forget them.

Labeling the boxes

Another thing you should pay attention to when packing is that you label everything properly. It may seem like you’re wasting time when you don’t have enough of it to waste. But, trust me, you’ll thank yourself later. Because, if you label everything it’ll be much easier to unpack once you move in your new home. And if you find the time to write down a list of everything that you’ve packed, that list will be useful with insurance and when negotiating with moving companies for a price. Plus, you’ll know if something goes missing.

Get help when moving on short notice

A group of friends
Packing up with friends will make everything easier and more enjoyable

When moving on short notice you could use all the help you can get. So if you see that you’re not going to make it in time on your own you can always call your friends and family for help. Let them know in advance so that they can clear up their schedules. And tackle moving on short notice with their help! After you’ve finished everything you can thank them with pizza. And at the same time spend some quality time with them before you move.

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