Moving mirrors internationally

Relocating to a new country is a task that will always require your utmost attention. Most importantly, it will always require the majority of your free time. Unlike moving locally or between states, international relocations require a lot more work and responsibilities. From gathering the documentation you need to ensure that you safely relocate all of your items, there is a lot to do. In such scenarios, your best solution would be to resort to international logistics services, such as Kokusai Express Japan. That way, you can safely tackle the majority of your relocation responsibilities. Today, we discuss a part of such a relocation. Namely, we are talking about things to do when you are moving mirrors internationally. Packing your household items, especially the fragile ones, properly will allow you to go through this relocation process with minimal stress possible. Make sure you devote those items enough attention.

Everything you need to know about moving mirrors internationally

Mirrors, in particular, are the type of decorative items that are very fragile by nature. As such, these items will always require good protection before transporting them. Now, packing these items is not as simple as simply storing them inside a cardboard box. Because they cannot be disassembled, nor can they be lowered in size, mirrors will require your utmost attention. More importantly, because we are talking about international relocation, you will have to pay more attention to details. Namely, as you are most likely shipping your items, you can use moving service Japan to ensure that your items are safely relocated to your new home upon arrival. Additionally, you can consult with the moving company about the ways to pack these mirrors. Finally, you can acquire all of the supplies from your moving company. That way, you can make sure you use the best supplies for your mirrors.

a person looking at themselves through a broken mirror piece
When moving mirrors internationally, make sure that you know how to approach the process

Approaching the process of packing

It is very important that you are fully aware of the importance of this process. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you hire all the right services, like project cargo; and consult with professionals about the proper way to do this. To help you understand it better, you will need to:

  • Acquire adequate packing supplies
  • Apply protection to the mirror
  • Use cardboard to finalize the process
  • Do not forget to label your boxes

When it comes to packing supplies, as we were saying, you can resort to your relocation/shipping company. Oftentimes will these companies offer packing supplies services. That way, you leave it in the hands of professionals to give you the packing supplies your items require. In a way, by doing so, you will ensure that you have all the adequate supplies that will provide protection to the fragile mirrors you are moving.

Using cardboard and preparing the shipping box

The shipping box is the final supply you place. Namely, as you wrap your mirrors in enough packing supplies, you should finish the process by applying flat cardboard on all sides. So, for example, first, you secure the edges of the mirror, secondly, you wrap your mirrors in packing paper, next, you wrap a layer of bubble wrap, then you wrap everything in cardboard.

a large quantity of cardboard boxes on a pile to represent what packing supply you should use when moving mirrors internationally
Using cardboard is a much better option than using plastic for this packing process

The interior side of the mirror is the most important, so you can place styrofoam atop the glass to ensure its safety. If you cannot find specialized shipping boxes, you can use regular cardboard. However, make sure that the cardboard is rigid and sturdy. Carefully place the packed mirror inside the box, and use cushioning materials to ensure its safety even more. If you want, you can find a warehouse space when moving, so you can move the mirrors there immediately.

Moving mirrors internationally requires patience

Try to avoid placing several mirrors in one cardboard box. Instead, opt for placing a single mirror in one box at a time. Placing several mirrors together can cause serious issues for all of the items inside the box. However, if you have no other choice than to do so, make sure you create a thick layer of cushioning before placing another mirror into the box.

a large wodden framed mirror in the hallway of a modern home
The biggest issue with mirrors can be their shape, so make sure you can safely pack them for transport

Cushioning is usually the best way to ensure no item causes damage to another item inside the box. Additionally, it helps prevent shock damage, in case it happens. Generally speaking, you should always place cushioning materials even if you are moving just one mirror. When it comes to multiple mirrors, placing enough cushioning material in-between the mirrors, and on the sides, is very important. Either way, what you should be aware of is that this process requires a lot of patience.

Sealing the boxes and labeling them

Once you complete the process of preparing your mirrors for the relocation, you should ensure that the box remains intact. To do so, simply apply enough adhesive tape all around the box. This will ensure that the box does not open, nor that it does not break under the weight of the mirrors inside. Moving mirrors internationally is not as simple as moving them locally. Much like packing for a long distance move, moving these fragile items needs attention mostly because of the distance they have to go through. Most importantly, if you are shipping your items, bear in mind that the sea can sometimes be rough. If you ship by air, know that turbulence exists. So, make sure you prepare your items for a little bit of shaking while in transport. This is another reason why packing such fragile items with utmost care is very important.

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