Moving from Japan to UK guide

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the home of the British Royal Family. Also, it is the home of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and hundreds of ancient monuments. With Britain’s rich history and vibrant modern culture, no wonder you’re thinking about moving from Japan to the UK. The UK is known as a mix of cultures, attitudes, foods, and nationalities. You can find many people from Asia, Africa, India and the rest of Europe. That’s why the UK can be called a “melting pot”. But, as you prepare for your move to the UK, there are many things you should consider before relocating permanently. In this article, we give you a great guide for moving from Japan to the UK.

Think about housing before moving from Japan to the UK

If you are thinking about this long-distance relocation, you have to prepare for moving internationally. If you chose London for your place of residence, circumstances are even different than in smaller towns. So, people in London and other big cities in the UK often live in flats. It is quite difficult to find a larger house in London. On the other hand, housing in the UK, especially in London, can be expensive. That will not be too much of a difference for you, due to the high price of housing in Japan. Housing will be the most expensive in the inner cities. In London, prices are the most expensive on the West and South Ends. We recommend considering to live in a more suburban area. Of course, depending on your employment situation.

If you consider moving from Japan to UK, chose your home wisely.
Prices in the suburbs are lower than in the center of the city.

If you love gardening, when moving from Japan to the UK, opt for a house

If you decide to live in a suburb, that’s the area where you will find the traditional English row houses. All houses have small gardens at the back or front for enjoyment and relaxation. As contrary to weather in mountainous areas of Japan, England has relatively mild weather. This kind of climate will allow you to grow many plants for the whole year.

How to ship furniture and home appliances from Japan to UK

After you’ve decided where you’re going to live, there are still some issues you have to resolve.

  • Moving furniture

    In case you are shipping some pieces of furniture, you can do it in wooden crates. You can make wooden crates by yourself and save some much-needed money.

  • Moving appliances

    The other issue is how to ship appliances. Because you have to do it properly, or they will end up broken. Don’t worry. We also give you a great guide on how to ship appliances overseas.

How to ship personal belongings from Japan to UK

If you are moving from Japan to the UK, there are ways to ship your personal effects duty and tax-free. The only condition is that you have owned and used your belongings for over six months. Note that your personal effects must be imported to the UK within a year of your move. You can bring your personal effects with relief from duty and tax by getting approval from the UK customs. But first, you have to apply for a Transfer of Residence online. Once you’ve been approved, Unique Reference Number (URN) will be given and you need to pass it to the UK customs.

a chest - Be careful with your personal belongins.
There are ways to ship your belongings from Japan to the UK tax-free.

Learn the language before you start moving from Japan to UK

Like in any other country in the world, you are going to need knowledge of the English language. But, in the UK, you are going to need it even more. As you probably already know, English is the primary spoken language everywhere in the UK. It is advisable to be fluent in English, especially if you want to work there. Also, you might find the English accent difficult to understand, even if you’re a native English speaker. That’s why we recommend that you improve your English before you move from Japan to the UK.

Be ready for a different kind of food when moving from Japan to the UK

As we previously said, the UK is a mix of cultures. But, it is also a mixture of many different types of food – and it’s very unlike the Japanese food. British people love Indian cuisine, so you can find many restaurants serving Indian delights. Logically, there are many local pubs where you can enjoy a plate of fish and chips and a pint of beer. Besides these two, you can find Spanish, French, German and Italian food, due to its proximity to the rest of Europe. But if you feel nostalgic, you can find a sushi spot in any larger city. Or you can always pack and bring some non-perishable Japanese food with you. Just in case.

English tea and toast are favorite.
After moving from Japan to UK, try traditional English dishes.

Get acquainted with visa requirements

Before you start moving from Japan to UK, you have to pay attention to legal regulations of the UK regarding visas. Because you will need a visa to work and live in the UK. Bear in mind that there are many different regulations on this matter depending on your circumstances. You can do a thorough check-up of visa requirements and prepare your documentation.

Get to know the essentials of British culture before you settle down in the UK

British people often have a weird sense of humor, but they love to joke and to have fun. But eventually, you will get used to it. When the weekend comes, the British go to musical events and theatres or mingle with friends at a local pub.

This was a complete guide for moving from Japan to UK. We hope that we’ve managed to bring the relocation facts closer and to ease the process. We are sure that within a short time, you will be sipping tea and noshing on fish and chips. Enjoy your new life.

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