Moving from Japan to LA: How to do it Right

Moving from Japan to LA is challenging and difficult, but like any other relocation, possible. You should prepare properly, make a list of stuff that you need, and organize packing. However, it would help if you did not worry about the transporting of the property. Professional overseas shipping companies will gladly arrange it and make sure that you are satisfied. However, it would help if you prepared for this step.

Many people worry if they will be able to adapt to the new country quickly. It is hard to change the language, lifestyle, and everyday life. Especially if you move to a country with so many differences, you will need to contact a new school and job, especially if you move for work. Finally, it would help if you learned a little about Japan and its culture and history.

You should prepare for moving from Japan to LA

Prepare for moving from Japan to LA properly

It is not easy to organize relocation to the country, even if it is not far away from your living place. Moving from Japan to LA is much more challenging. It would help if you prepared for this relocation on many levels. The most important is to explore the new country and try to adapt to their lifestyle. You will see how great it is to change lives and adjust to something new.

  • You will need to prepare the right documents for moving from Japan to LA – research which visa you will need for this relocation;
  • Packing is very difficult for overseas moving, but more likely, you will need to make a precise list of the items to prevent any troubles;
  • It is for sure that you need to choose the right company to organize moving from Japan properly;
  • The most important when moving overseas is to explore lifestyle and culture in a new country – however, you will need a period of adaptation;
  • Culture in both countries are specific and very interesting – make sure that you have explored both and can accept it.


Like in any other relocations from one country to another, you will need to have a visa. Each country has different types of visas, depending on the longevity of staying in a new country. The easiest is to apply for a three-month visa, which is easy to get. However, it would help if you did not worry about the relocation. A professional company like Kokusai Express Moving will help you in organizing.


Although the English language is in Los Angeles, Japanese people are not skilled in using it in everyday life. If you do not feel comfortable using this language, you will need to prepare for it. The best way is to go to a language school. Another way is to contact people from the US before moving there. When it comes to packing and relocating, international movers Japan will help you to organize this easier.

Learn about lifestyle and culture

The world has become smaller in the past decade, thanks to the internet. We believe that we live in the same country. However, the real-life starts when moving to a new country. Only then can we face differences and find out how our countries are different. It is the reason why it is good to explore the country before move there.

Culture and lifestyle in both countries are completely different

Before moving from Japan to LA, explore this country

It would help if you did not start with packing before exploring the new country and its changes. The most important is to make the relocation easier for you and your family. It is much easier when you know what to expect after moving. If you move with your children and family, you should explore all the great places that country has.

Find job before

No matter the reason for moving to Japan, it would help if you did not do it without preparation. The hardest will be to find a job. However, most people move from Japan to LA because of employment, so they have no problems. If you are not one of them, try to find a job on the internet.


If you move with the children, you should choose a school for them. It would be best if you can finish it before relocation. Your kids will indeed have trouble adapting to new life, so choosing a school without stress will help them a lot.

Find friends as soon as possible

It is always hard to adapt to a new country. There are a lot of things that you should do if you want to start a friendship in a new country. However, there are a lot of ways which can help you to make new friendships. Some of them include joining clubs or using the social network on the internet.

Learn different working ethic

No matter why you move to LA, it would help if you adapted to their working ethic, too. They are entirely different from Japan in that part. If you have lived in Japan, you indeed have adapted to their strict rules and behavior. On the other hand, the Western world has some rules that you have not seen in Japan. So, learn significant differences between Japanese and American workplaces.

Culture diversity

It is essential to learn the differences between those two countries in any part. However, Los Angeles has fascinating cultural diversity thanks to ex-pats that come here to live. It is attractive but challenging to adapt to.

Pack smartly when moving from Japan to LA

It is excellent when you have time and space to organize relocation without making a plan or lists, just putting the stuff in the boxes. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible. You will be forced to pack your stuff smartly, leaving all spare items out of the boxes. It is a moment when you should make a good plan for moving, packing only the things you need. Other things you can donate or throw away.

Los Angeles
Temperature in Los Angeles is much higher than in Japan so you should not take winter wardrobe with you

Pack earlier

It would help if you learned differences in a climate when moving from Japan to LA. The significant difference is in temperature, which is very high in California. So, it is pointless to pack a winter wardrobe. It would also help if you prepared for the heat in summer and problems in health that follow it.


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