Moving From Japan To Canada

Regardless of what is the reason for moving from Japan to Canada, there is a procedure that you must follow. You may have decided to move for work, in the short term or as a tourist. On the other hand, you can choose to change the country and try to live in an entirely different country. If you worry about packing and relocating, you should not. There are great overseas moving companies that surely could help you to prepare documents and compact stuff.

You should have a plan and organize it properly. Also, if you are an immigrant, you should know how Canada treats you in their law. Finally, do not forget that you will change the whole system, culture, and way of living. Even the climate could be significantly different in Canada.

Learn how this country looks like and which documents to prepare

Prepare for moving from Japan to Canada long before packing

The first is changing the current place of living is learning about the new country whenever you can. Thanks to the internet, it should not be a problem nowadays. The first you need is to research the country’s history, culture, and everyday things. After that, learn about the lifestyle of their citizens. Finally, it could not be harmful if you start to learn the language before relocation.

  • It would help if you prepared for the lengthy procedure of taking documents – Canada has special legislation and not act with every country the same so before moving from Japan to Canada, check what to prepare;
  • Canada has a different health system based on a lot of free services – however, you will need to have special international insurance at least before getting a visa there;
  • Finding a job or school in Canada should not be a problem – you will have a lot of great opportunities;
  • Although cargo export Japan works correctly, you should prepare for packing of a lot of stuff you have – to make this job easier, get rid of stuff as much you can;
  • Research the country you will come to live – Canada has excellent places for living, perfect nature, and a little specific climate.

Research the country properly

You will see that Canada has a lot of opportunities for people that come to live there. They love to help their new citizens, so you will not have problems to adapt there. Also, hire a good moving company like Kokusai Express Moving to transport you there. In that way, you will not have stressful situations.

Canada mountains
There are great opportunities when living in Canada


One of the most incredible things in Canada is that they accept people from all countries and nations. It could be ample opportunity to learn a lot about people and countries. Canada also helps its citizens to keep the memory on their origin. You will be able to continue with your culture, religion, and other activities like at home. International air freight forwarders will help you to transport your items with you.

Many workers and skills

Thanks to the excellent economy, Canada is like a heaven for workers from all fields. They offer jobs to every type of skill, knowledge, and education. Do not forget that they have a place for immigrants, free schools, and many courses for new people.

Learn language

You will quickly adapt to the new country when knowing at least essential of their language. Canada has two half, English, and French ones. If you have planned to move there, learn the language they talk about is where you will live. It will make your first days there easier.

Do online test

You can check if you are the right candidate for moving to Canada. Thanks to their site, you can test and find out if immigration to Canada is possible for you. It will show you how good chances you have to move there and which are your weakness.

A leaf from Canada forest
You should learn languages that use in Canada

Documents you will need when moving from Japan to Canada

Like in any other country, you cannot move to Canada without a proper visa. Canada has special legislation and acts with every country differently. To check their law and prepare documents, visit their official sites. You can also ask people who have moved recently, at least at forums or social networks. You will maybe need to hire a lawyer for that if you have a specific problem.


Canada has different visas for people that come there. You can choose between working visas, medical care, or access to the study. If you have planned to live there, you should ask for one of the long passes. Documents you will need for that they have shared on the site.

Prove that you have not problems with the law

Every country will ask you to prove that you do not have problems with the law. It means that you should verify that you are not wanted in Japan. Every police station will give you that document.

Moving from Japan to Canada is a profound change

Not only that, but you will also travel across the whole world; you will significantly change your lifestyle and living. Canada has an excellent modern society, but it is not enough. You will need to learn the language and prepare for a new climate, nature, and people. Luckily, Canada is known to cultural and ethnic diversity, so you will not have trouble adapting.

You do not need to come with family

If you have planned to move from Japan to Canada with your family, you should organize it into two parts. It would help if you went to Canada first without family. In that way, you will find a job much more comfortable and prepare for the family. Do not forget that you will need to find a school and a proper place to live when the family comes.

Prepare kids for changes

Moving from Japan to Canada is hard and could take between 8-12 months. During that time, you will go through real drama in your life and family. Especially children could have serious troubles to adapt. However, you could prepare them for that change and make the whole process easier. Talk with children, explain to them what will happen there. And spend as much time you can together.


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