Moving from Japan to California – the guide

Moving from Japan to California seems like a hard and impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. With good preparation and information, you should be able to change the country and the continent easily. The only you should be prepared for is the fact that California is already full of people that came from Japan in the past.

Reasons to move

Do not forget that California has many beaches and sunny days
California is known to sunny beaches

There are many reasons for moving from Japan to California. Some of them are serious and can explain so many foreigners in the US. On the other hand, many people change their places of living following careers or partners. Whatever the main reason is, California welcomes everybody with:

  • Mediterranean climate and lot of sunny days;
  • California has amazing nature, mostly covered with the mountains;
  • The most interesting in California nature are sequoia trees that grow very high;
  • California also has great job opportunities thanks to the great economy;
  • Along with the chances for a job, great education could be a reason for moving from Japan to California;
  • People say that they come to California because of the low cost of living;
  • Unfortunately, California also has very high taxes, so prepare your wallet on that.

Moving for a job

The common reason for moving from Japan to California is surely searching for a job. The best way is to find a job that fulfills your needs. Even better if you could support it by right education. It is surely easier to use Japan logistic company for a help so you can be focused on the search for a job. However, it should not be hard to find the right job after a proper preparation.

Try to find a similar job as is possible

Many people are not aware of the opportunities that their primary education offers. It includes jobs that you have done before. The best option for the job when moving from Japan to California is to find something that is similar to your old jobs. It would be hard to adapt to both, new country and a new job. The best way to adapt to it is to work remote firstly and then continue in a new country. Cargo import & Cargo Export service will help you to move your office easily.

Find old companies in the new country

We all know for Toyota and Honda. You can be smart and start to work for them in the new country. This especially means for those who have worked in those companies before moving from Japan to California. We are sure that you will not come to the California unprepared. Smart people choose experienced Japan logistic company for moving. They could help in finding a connection with the old companies in the homeland.

Consider of moving to Terrance for living

This city is recommended by native Japanese people who have moved to the US. According to research, they have a lot of the Japanese people who live there. If you are willing to start a life there, you can ask for Marukai store in Gardena and recall days in Japan.

Education could be a good reason for moving from Japan to California
Use the opportunity to educate yourself in California

Moving from Japan to California for studying

There are a lot of international students in the US, especially in California. It is known to high-quality colleagues and a lot of opportunities after the ending of the colleague. The most popular colleagues in the US are in California, like Stanford, Berkeley and LA University.

You will meet a lot of different people and populations there

As we said, California colleagues are known to diversity and multicultural structure. The most numerous nation on the California colleagues is Hispano, followed by Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It means that the professors on the colleagues have an open mind to students who come from different culture. They also have groups and organizations to help them in adapting.

Adapt to California easily

It is actually not that hard to adapt to California after a while. It could be hard when moving from Japan to California to learn what to wear and how to behave when the days are hot. On the other hand, California has so many things to be pleased with. Moving from Japan to California could be a great change in your life.


Although people define climate in California as pleasantly warm and sunny, some people cannot adapt to it easily. It is very important for people with white ten, like Japanese, to learn how to protect their skin. Buy new clothes and sun protection crème literally immediately after moving from Japan to California.

Cost of living

We said that California cannot boast of the low cost of living. However, before you even consider moving from Japan to California, you should compare the prices in different cities and states in the US.

Learn democracy, human rights, tolerance

Some people who were raised in traditional families in Japan could feel uncomfortable in California. It is the first state that allowed same-sex marriages. There also live many different cultures, nations, and people with different interests. You should prepare yourself on that before moving from Japan to California.

Families in Japan are learned to follow tradition more than in California
Tradition is different in California and Japan

You will need a car

People who live in Japan claim that literally, nobody needs a car. They have great public transportation and lack of parking space. However, in California, things are not that simple. Although they have great public transportation, it will be much easier to own your car. Do not worry about coming there, though. Choose reliable international air freight forwarders and move your stuff easily.

California is known to agriculture growth

You will surely have a healthy diet after moving from Japan to California. They grow their food, investing in new products and cultures. You will be able to eat organic and healthy food in California. California opened itself for nature, which is not that much different from Japan. Prepare yourself for one of the best wines in the world. California is a country that constantly improves renewable energy sources. Environment protecting is a life philosophy that they surely share with Japan.

Natural disaster

Someone said that the most possible accident you can see in California is a natural disaster. Is Japan known to earthquakes? Well, California is, too. They had few fatal natural disasters in history. Even today they record a couple of small earthquakes during the day. This should not be a problem when moving from Japan to California.

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