Moving from Japan by plane: a simple guide

Moving from Japan by plane presumes preparing for the unique transportation option and the new country. It is the relocation as any other, but you will need to prepare for special occasions this time. You should not forget the special airport rules due to terrorist attacks and problems with drug smuggling. On the other hand, you will need to organize an overseas move and transport large or valuable items. If you have a pet, things can become even more difficult. All those details you should manage on time with a professional company like Kokusai Express Japan.

Prepare needed documents

Remember that moving to Japan is moving to a new country or continent, so prepare for traveling more thoroughly than usual. All countries have some visas. Which of them will be needed for you depends only on the country you move to. There are also many other details that you should remember.

Moving from Japan by plane is the easiest way of moving

Prepare visa for the new country

You will surely pay attention to the essential details, like visas, when organizing to move from Japan. However, there is a lot more information that people need to remember. You should have a work allowance, especially if you move to another country to work. They can be different from country to country. Also, make sure that you have prepared documents for each member of the family, regardless of if it is a spouse, child, or dog. Before contacting air freight forwarders, you should inform them about the rules regarding customs clearance and regulations.

Inform about taxes (and pay them)

Countries have different options when it comes to taxes. While some of them demand paying resident taxes, the other ones have much more rules. You should inform them about them on time and ask air sea forwarder for advice and help. You may need to pay extra for your unique items or additional packages. Collected, those taxes can make a severe bill in the end, so make sure that you are informed about it properly.

Pay other bills and obligations

When leaving Japan, you should prepare for the new costs, but some of them can go into your hand. If you have a trust or pension fund, it is the moment when you can take your money back. You can ask for the paycheck even if you plan to return to Japan. Also, you may need to inform international movers Japan about your health insurance status, so make sure you have paid it on time.

Moving from Japan by plane demands special packing

It is for sure that you have a lot of items to take with you when moving from Japan by plane. You should have special packages or purchase new boxes and containers this time. Sometimes, you will need to get allowances if you have valuable items to transport.

Make a system of packing

Packing for moving from Japan by plane is difficult and indeed cannot take short. You must have time for preparation, planning, and inventory list. Take your time, and take the steps in this process.

  • You will need to get rid of the spare items – you can sell, donate, or throw away them, but do it earlier;
  • Making an inventory list could significantly save your nerves and time when packing stars;
  • When moving from Japan by plane, you must send your items separately – it could be a little stressful.
You will need to pack furniture differently for the airplane than usual

You can use the ordinary shipping method for items

You should use some often cheaper services to save money when moving from Japan. Shipping items using standard shipping methods are simple, inexpensive, and does not change your shipping status. You can be sure that they will keep your things. The only problem, though, could be the time of shipping. You may wait a little longer for your shipment after moving.

Do not save on packing material

Moving from Japan is not a moment to buy cheap and poor boxes and packages. You must use unique packing material, sturdy boxes, and more. In some cases, companies can demand using special packages or ordered types of labeling. You want to avoid seeing your items damaged or scratched because something unexpected happened during the trip.

Learn some tips for this trip, too

It is okay if you use some shortcuts to organize moving from Japan easily and fast. Experienced travelers have a lot of tricks in their pockets and wanted to share some with us. It is crucial to start on time and plan to move, though.

Do not forget about the pet

When moving from Japan by plane, you have many questions to ask. If you have a pet, the questions become more serious. Pets cannot travel easily, and some cannot use planes. Firstly, learn signs your dog is stressed and how to releive it. You also should ask before planning the trip about those conditions. If the company demands putting your pet in a special box, you should prepare for it, too. Ask your vet for advice, and ensure you have ready all documents on time. They can include vaccines, medical files from your vet, and similar papers.

A dog
Your pet will be stressed, too

Do the last steps before moving

The last steps before leaving Japan are mostly connected to the obligated jobs, like informing electricity and gas companies. Before leaving home, you must close the gas, electricity, phone, and other parts. Remember to pay all bills and check if you have debts. Also, you should inform about the same services in the new country before moving, so you will not come into the cold and dark new home.

Have a party

It may be the last thing you have in mind when organizing relocation, but you must also prepare for it. The reason why it is essential to have a party is to say goodbye to your friends in a proper way. You will have little time to do it separately, so this is an opportunity to leave Japan in the best manner. Also, you will need time to relax and have time with your friends before moving from Japan by plane.

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