Moving abroad with reliable movers

Moving abroad is a big step in a person’s life. It changes everything. Your surroundings will not be the same because the culture of the foreign country will differ at least slightly. You would probably need to leave the job you have and your friends and family behind. That’s why it’s crucial you ease the process as much as possible and find reliable international air freight forwarders. Hence, given that you are planning your international relocation, you are probably prepared for all of the fuss. So what is left is to make a plan for moving abroad with reliable movers.

Hire reliable movers who know how to handle moving abroad

You should definitely begin with hiring the best air-sea forwarder there is. Air-sea forwarders offer many services such as arranging storage and shipping all of your goods through the sea and air. Also, the main service is moving goods most efficiently abroad.
On the other hand, the moving company has to be carefully chosen. Running into a trap of fraudulent movers can lead to, at least, paying a lot more money. Besides, you could end up with your belongings being stolen, missing or damaged. Furthermore, even if you manage to avoid moving scams, there are plenty more details you should be careful about. Don’t have any second thoughts when it comes to getting professional help. Moving abroad with reliable movers will run smoothly.

Move abroad with reliable movers easily.
There are so many clever and fast ways to move abroad easily. But, you have to know all the risks.

Collect the recommendations and make a list of potential movers for moving abroad

The first step is getting information and recommendations about the moving companies you consider hiring. Make a list of potential movers, and use only reliable sources for gathering information. So, get recommendations from your friends and family members, for they are the persons you trust the most. Also, ask colleagues or acquaintances who’ve recently had a similar experience. Last, but not least, browse through the Internet. You can easily find the reviews of the moving companies and based on that form your final decision.

Always do a check-up of the moving companies on your list

One of the best indicators that you’ve stumbled upon a fraudulent mover is a high deposit. Unreliable moving companies require half the amount or more before getting the relocation done. Of course, this is highly unprofessional. So, you should put into consideration the amount of deposit before signing the deal. In general, a moving company shouldn’t ask for a deposit of more than 20 % of the total estimated cost. Also, there’s a possibility that the moving company in question takes your belongings hostage. In this case, we advise you to contact the police immediately.

Don’t mind asking questions in order to avoid a possible scam

Obviously, there are ways to avoid fraud. All you have to do is to ask the following questions.

  • For how long has the moving company been working?

    Experience of the moving company and the movers indicate their professionalism and ability to deliver the relocation properly.

  • Do the movers own all the licenses?

    If this isn’t the case, a moving company without a license should be momentarily erased from the list.

  • Does the moving company have insurance?

    When you ask them about the licenses, use that opportunity to ask about the insurance.

  • Do the movers have good reviews from previous customers?

    Reviews can often be a good starting point. Don’t ignore them.

  • Were there any accusations of a moving fraud?

    You can check this information on the news or on the Internet. Something is suspicious if a moving company is charged with fraud, so run away from them. If you want additional advice on this matter, we give you detailed tips on how to evade fraudulent movers.

  • Does the moving company track inventory?

    The inventory list of your belongings, such as furniture and appliances, has two purposes. One is that all of your belongings get safely to your new home. The other one is to provide insurance in case something happens to them during transportation. A reputable moving company will surely make an inventory list.

    Is the moving company active in the community?

    If the answer to this question is positive, there is a big chance they will care about your move. That’s because they surely want to continue doing their business in your town. It also says that the moving company wants a committed relationship with your community and every individual in it.

Extra Tips for Recognizing Fraudulent Moving Companies

Besides these obvious signs of fraudulent movers, there are other reasons to raise red flags. We will mention several.

  • The secretary of the company answers the call with: ‘The movers’ or something similar. Avoiding to provide you with a company’s name is definitely a sign.

  • You see one name in their office, and completely another when their workers come to your home.

  • If offered an incomplete or blank contract, refuse to sign it. You should start getting suspicious and walk away.

  • Do the moving trucks have the company’s name on them? Or is that name the same as the one in the office? Be very careful about this.

How much does moving abroad really cost?

This question is very important. You should definitely ask the movers about all their costs before you sign a contract and before the moving day. The price often doesn’t include all the fees and expenses. There are different variables such as the length of your move, the size of your apartment or difficult items to transport.

Save money on every item possible

Surely, the priority is to perform a successful relocation, no matter what. But, on the other hand, relocation comes with great expenses, especially if moving abroad. But, there are ways to save some money during the international relocation. First, hire quality but affordable movers. Although at first, this claim sounds illogical, it is just the opposite. Get the moving cost estimates from movers on your list, compare them and pick the most affordable one. Second, you can manage to do some part of moving abroad by yourself. Surely you can pack your own items. And finally, moving abroad is a perfect opportunity to get rid off the clutter. One of the ways to do it is to organize a garage sale. By organizing a sale of this type, you can also make some profit.

Save money when moving abroad
Try saving all the money you have when moving abroad. You’re going to need it after the relocation is done.

To reduce the relocation abroad costs, put an effort

When it comes to relocation overseas, the thing you can do without too many troubles is the packing. Of course, have in mind that it needs to be done perfectly. When moving abroad, your belongings will surely be loaded and unloaded several times. If not packed properly, the probability of damage is very high. That’s why it is important to optimize your products for shipment. By doing this, you’ll also save some money, because the cost of moving depends on the number of items sent.

Decluttering cuts your expenses for relocation abroad

Everyone has clutter in their homes. But, when moving abroad, our friendly advice is to definitely get rid off it. There are different ways you can perform this action. Firstly, present them to your friends you know would use them. Also, you can organize an online sale and earn some money. And finally, you can donate them. You will feel good because you’ve helped somebody, and also will cut down your belongings, hence cut down your expense.

The movers’ offers comparison- how to do it right?

To properly compare the moving professionals, you need to have the exact figures in front of your eyes. The right figures are the ones you get in a binding or final offer. You should ask for it immediately after you decide there are several reliable candidates you could choose from. Ask companies’ representatives to make an in-home inspection. By coming to your home, the representatives can conclude what is the magnitude of your international relocation.

Furthermore, demand a signed offer, with the exact price of your relocation. Only after collecting these offers can you adequately compare all relocation professionals from your list. Plus, you will be sure to have a signed paper proving their final offer. So nobody could trick you by requesting you to pay a lot more than they offered at the beginning.

Moving abroad with reliable movers, but also with the best

Low price should not be the only reason you are hiring movers. In the case of international relocation, only top quality moving services are good enough. Depending on the quality of international moving services from a relocation company, you will experience a stressful or relaxing relocation. To achieve a stress-free international relocation, put an effort into searching the right moving professionals. Don’t hesitate to contact the company’s representative and ask any questions you might have. For example, it would be advisable to ask how many relocations abroad they’ve conducted. Also, ask if they have adequate equipment and staff for global relocation.

Make a deal that suits you when moving abroad.
Negotiate on the price of international relocation. Moving abroad with reliable movers don’t have to be too expensive.

In the end, moving abroad with reliable movers is the goal. But there are so many difficulties along the way. We hope our tips and warnings have helped you in planning a successful international relocation. We wish you good luck. Enjoy your new life somewhere over the rainbow.

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