Moving abroad with children – how to prepare

Moving to the new country is never an easy task. Especially if you are moving abroad with children. That will take more planning, focusing, organizing and mind power. Relocation will take a toll on your time and on your nerves. That is something that you need to be prepared for. Still, even if it is a difficult process, it isn’t an impossible one. You just need to learn a few tricks that will make the move easier for the entire family and make moving abroad with children joyful experience.

Moving abroad with children is a hard task.
Moving abroad with children isn’t easy, but it still can be a fun experience.

Talk to your kids

When you are planning to start a life in a new country, you have to make sure that all the members of your family are ready to take that step. Your children included, no matter how old they are.
Before the decision of relocation is final, talk to your kids and see what they think about it.
It is a very big change for children, and if you don’t handle it right, the moving can leave a trauma for them.

Moving abroad with children is a big step for you, and it’s even bigger for your little ones. They will leave everything that they ever knew and sail into the totally unknown world. It is scary for adults, so you can imagine what your kids may be feeling.

It is very important not to dismiss their emotions.
Try to talk to them like you would talk to an adult – calmly, rationally, respectively and honestly.
Prepare yourself for any reaction. Anger and rejection is the common emotion with teenagers, while the younger children are more open to a change.

Explain to them in details why you need to move to another country. Make them understand that you respect their opinions. Try to list the benefits that they will have when you move. That can persuade them to embrace the idea of relocation easier.
Once your children except the idea that moving abroad are inevitable, it’s your job to make the relocation to go smoother as it can. While the moving day comes, it’s likely that your children will be excited to start a new adventure in the foreign country.

Talk to your children about the move
Be open and honest when you are talking to your children about the relocation.

The organization is the key to a successful moving abroad with children

When you are moving abroad with children, you will have a lot to think about. Good planning is the key to the stress-free relocation.
First of all, you need to make a moving plan. Make it in the form of the checklist, so you won’t overlook any important detail or task.
You moving checklist should contain:

  • Documentation.
    Relocating to another country will need a lot of documentation. Be sure to have your papers in order before you even start to plan your move.
  • Budget plan.
    You need to calculate the amount of all the moving costs, so you can make your moving budget. When you know how much approximately your move will cost, set the budget around that amount and try to stick to it.
  • All the moving dates.
    List of all dates relevant for your moving (the day when the estimators are coming, packing day, the day that movers are coming, the moving day, the date when your belongings will arrive in the new location).
  • Packing plan.
    Make a detailed schedule for packing your belongings.
  • All the details of the moving company that you’ve hired.
    You will need help to relocate abroad, so find the best movers in business, like moving service Japan.
  • The names of the companies and people that should know about your relocation.
    Your family and friends should be first to know about the fact that you are moving abroad. When you notify them, inform your bank, doctor, lawyer, and your children’s school. Call the utility companies and set the termination date for their services.
  • Travel arrangments for you and your family to your new home. When you start to plan early, you can find great deals on the traveling sites like

Find your new home

When you are moving abroad with children, it will be a good idea to find a new home before the relocation. Sure, you can stay in the hotel or some temporary accommodation, but it will be more costly and can cause a lot of stress for the whole family.  Your children will more quickly adapt to the life outside of Japan if they have a place to call a home.

You can find your new home online, but it will be wise to travel there at least once and see it for yourself.
That way you will make sure that the neighboorhood that you chose is family friendly and safe, and that your new home has all the requirements that suit all the members of your family.

Find a new home before you start your moving abroad with children.
When you are moving abroad with children, finding the new home should be your priority.

Searching for  a good school

Besides finding the new home, safety and good education of your children is everything.
That’s why finding a suitable school is a big priority.
It’s s best to start to research choosing and talking to international schools as early as possible.
Focus on the schools with the similar curriculum as the school back home. That way your child can continue its education with minimal disruption.

Should you hire a moving service when you are moving abroad with your children?

The answer to this question is a loud yes.
While you may don’t need assistance when you are moving locally, when relocation to another country is in question, you will need the help of the professional movers.
Let’s start with a fact that you need to pack and move your entire home belongings into the new country. Could you honestly do it yourself?
Hiring the moving company to do that for you is the safest and quickest way to move abroad. In this case, hiring movers isn’t luxury, it’s just common sense.

When you are moving with children, you need to think about the needs of all the members of your family. Delegating the hardest tasks to the professional movers, such as international moving company Japan, will give you the peace of mind and stressfree relocation. That way, you can focus on more pressing thongs, like preparing your children for the moving day.


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