Most Unusual Restricted Items in Japan

Restricted items in Japan does not include many unexpected and unusual things. You should know that they are not much different from the rest of the world. On the other hand, we know that every country and continent have their habits and behavior. When going to different cultures, like Japanese, you should prepare yourself for unusual things they do or forbid. So, there are things that are restricted in the rest of the world. On the other hand, there are things that only Japan has forbidden. Just do not forget, every time when traveling, check procedure and law when border prohibition is about.

Prohibited items in Japan

There are a few things that are extremely prohibited in Japan. However, Japan is not the only country that forbids those things. These below could cause a serious penalty.

Illegal drugs

Well, this is not a restricted item in Japan only. Every country in the world forbids carrying a drug. However, be prepared for a very strong penalty in this case. They have strong jails in Japan.

A padlock
You should be prepared for the possible restrictions in Japan

Weapons, explosives, and things that allow bio-terrorism

This is another thing that is forbidden in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. You will not be able to take with you any kind of weapon, even you have a license for it. The reason is obviously protection and laws that are different in Japan. However, you can bring air gun and hunting guns if you have a special license.

Fake products

It is interesting that one of the restricted items in Japan is fake products. They find it as stealing of the author rights and forbid it in their country. It includes bags, cloth, and sunglasses, too. Every global forwarding service should know this and inform you.

Adult video and literature, and children pornography

They thread these things a serious crime in Japan. Any of the professional international air freight forwarders will help you to take these things with you.

Restricted items in Japan

When it comes to restricted items in Japan, those are mostly on the list that is forbidden. However, you will not go to jail for it. They will simply take from you and throw away.

Fruits, vegetables, and food

Every cargo import service helps you to take favorite things with you when moving. However, even though you love your favorite food, you will not be able to take it in Japan. They are very serious about it. As the matter of fact, they know which area you cannot take fruit from. The reason is a possible disease that could be on the leaves or root of the plant. They forbid even the soil for the same reason. Unfortunately, ham and sausages are also one of the restricted items in Japan. They do not want food from another country.

Food is among restricted items in Japan
You could face with the serious restriction on food in Japan

Endangered items

Those are items that are made from CITED-listed products. It includes fur or any other part of the animal that is on the list. Prepare yourself for depriving if they even assume that your stuff contains products from that list.

Medicine and cosmetic products

Japan does not restrict using or carrying medicaments. There are few prohibitions when they are about, though. For example, they do not allow medical for OTC in Japan so you cannot take with you. They allow to visit their doctors in Japan and take a prescription. They do obviously that for protecting from drug addiction and smuggling.

Unusual Japanese law

For those who live outside of Japan, their tradition could be confusing and weird. They forbid something that we take for a grant in other parts of the world while allowing something else. However, if you have planed relocating to Japan soon, take in mind a few things.

Passport must always be with you

Every foreign person must have a passport with them. They will take seriously harmful if they cannot legitimize at every moment.

Special laws about alcohol and smoking

Cigarettes are not one of the restricted items in Japan. However, they forbid smoking in public. You can smoke in closed special restaurants and cafe shops, but not on the street. You cannot also drink on the street. However, you cannot drink in your house either. The only you can bring with you is 1% alcohol. That means that they forbid even a  beer.

A bar with customers
Make sure that you smoke and drink alcohol only on places for that

Be careful with art products

Japanese people are very serious about art and copyright. You should use special allowance and author signature for taking it with you. In case that you use exhibition cargo service, a moving company will help you with that.

Japanese culture is very different from the rest of the world. Being a country that has distanced itself from the rest of the world, Japan has remained traditional habits and prohibitions. We always surprise with their cleanness and cultural behavior. There are many restricted items in Japan, but they always accept other cultures and people. When a person from the US or another part of the world goes to Japan, he cannot avoid surprising with few things:

There are people in Japan that wear a surgical mask – those have flu or sniffle and want to protect other people;

The whole country is extremely clean – they believe in cleaning habits that they learn in childhood;

Japan is a very quiet country, they will never argue or yell;

There are restricted items in Japan, some of them are trash cans – they do not want to throw away small trash everywhere, they keep it in the pocket to the large containers instead;

They do not accept credit cards – or rarely do that;

Japanese people are very helpful and friendly – they will please you with their help everywhere, including if you lost the address of the hotel in the large city.

As you can see, they are a very specific nation. On the other hand, they are a very friendly nation. So, respect their prohibitions and do not bring restricted items in Japan.

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