Mistakes to avoid when moving internationally

Mistakes to avoid when moving internationally are mostly connected to the organization. You should pack and transport all you have in a short time. Thanks to professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan, you can be sure that you are settled. They will organize transportation, packing, and the whole process for affordable prices and communicate at the highest level. Do not hesitate to ask or recommend whatever you need or want when organizing moving.

Prepare for the job

It is crucial to start with the job much earlier. First, start with the organization, and prepare for the trip. However, you need to inform yourself about the procedure before the process starts.

Mistakes to avoid when moving internationally could make serious trouble when moving

Visit the new home

Although the new home is far away, it should not be a reason to skip this step. As the matter of fact, you need to visit the place where you will live before actually going there to live. It would be best if you can visit the place before the stress and rush, to see what it looks like. You can rely on international movers Japan for moving, but also visit the place alone before.

Organize family

Before moving to Japan, you will have a lot of jobs to do. One of them, in the first place, surely should be to organize family and people that will live there. You must organize moving so your children and partner understand the importance of moving and changing the place of living. Unfortunately, children do not like changes, so they will surely have a lot of things to say, but you must stay calm and explain the situation. Make sure that they accept the change before moving starts.

Inform about the culture and language

Maybe not the expected item on the moving tips list, but it would be great if you understand the place where you will go to live. It could be the most important lesson before moving. Try to understand the differences in the culture between two cultures, learn what their customs look like, and adapt to their beliefs. On the other hand, you should start to learn the language as fast as possible, so you can start with the job right after moving. However, you will not have time for those things after moving.

Avoid mistakes to avoid when moving internationally

As the second step, you should consider is including a moving company in this job.

Choose the right moving company

It is always difficult to choose a reliable moving company. This time you should find a company that understands international moving and has experience in that job. Although you can find great local moving companies, some of them are not prepared for this special assignment. Also, you should ask them a few questions before hiring to learn how good they are.

  • Have they organized international moving before and how well they have organized it;
  • How they will prepare documentation for this trip – will show you a lot;
  • Ask them for advice about packing, preparing for long trips, kids, and pets;
  • Check with the company about the storage for spare items;
  • Ask for the rough price for moving and following services.
Do not forget to prepare documents for moving

Get a moving quote

Although it is not easy to prepare international moving and organize it, it is much harder to estimate the costs of it. However, you will need to compare prices, too, and calculate the final price of moving. In that way, you will easily set a budget for moving and prepare for this process properly. For most people it is the hardest job, though, you will be able to prepare with the right company.

Prepare documentation

Believe you or not, many people do not prepare for moving properly. Some of them, maybe because of the excitement that follows the process forget about the documentation. If you want to be sure of good organization you should prepare upfront. First, you will need is to have the right documentation and know what each company demands when come to live there. The best is to check the foreign policy on the site of the ministy of foreign affairs Japan. 

Organize moving properly

Although the company will do the hardest job, there are a lot of things that you should do, too. You will need to prepare for moving and pack all you have fast. The best is to make a plan before starting with it.

Make a plan and inventory list

Every job starts with good preparation, and if you want to be sure of it, make a list of steps you will need to make. A precise plan and inventory list will shorten the time of moving and surely help in organizing the job. However, you should be aware of the details that you should put on the list. Do not forget to organize a timeline and predict delaying and prolonged jobs.

Choose a right moving method and vehicle

Do not forget about the old home, either

It is all prepared for the time after moving, but what about the time before it? Your old home also has some special parts to be prepared for. Do not forget to pay bills, cancel utilities and check documents. You will maybe need to check home loans and mortgages, investment policies, and insurance. All above is important to organize before moving, so you can be sure before packing boxes. No matter if your old home is sold or not, you should clean it and leave it in tight shape for new owners.

Stay optimistic

You should prepare yourself for all troubles that could happen. As the worst stressful period should start, you should prepare mentally for it. On the other hand, you will need to stay calm and tough for all inconveniences that may happen. It is the reason why you need to follow the list above and set it all before. Only in that way, you will stay calm even in the worst situation, knowing that all is set and stable. Finally, you will easily avoid mistakes to avoid when moving internationally.


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