How to lower the costs of shipping by air

If you’re planning on conducting business as a serious entrepreneur, lowering costs is always a dilemma which you will face. So, how does one optimize their goods’ shipping method? This time, we’re going to talk about air transport. It is among the most efficient, but also the most expensive ways of shipping goods. Hence, choosing the best company in Japan for transport is a difficult choice. So, let’s see how to lower the costs of shipping by air and pick the right organization for the job…

Before committing, make sure that you’ve seen all the options for shipping by air

If you’re going to be using a single company for shipping by air, you need to have a number of options. Luckily, Japan has plenty of good air freight forwarders to offer. Make a list of at least five companies and jot down why you’re considering them. If you have more time, you should always consider a larger number of representatives. This way, you will have more room to lower the costs of shipping by air when negotiating with the operator.

In order to lower the costs of shipping by air in Japan, you need to be careful when choosing your representative.
Are you narrowing down your shipping company choices and looking for the best possible deal?

After you’ve got a few names and numbers on the list, it’s time to make the calls. Talk to different representatives and see what kind of deals they are prepared to make. Remember that, while they will try to sell you good rates and comfortable shipping methods, they are also sales agents. So, don’t accept the first offer. Do your best to negotiate a deal which will prove profitable for you in the long run. Ask plenty of questions and narrow down your choices to about three companies in Japan.

Perhaps flat rate shipping can lower the costs of shipping by air in Japan

Are you familiar with flat rate shipping? This is the service of a fixed price up to a certain weight and number for your goods. If you’re going to be receiving a similar cargo for your business at all times, this might be the perfect way to trim the price of air transport. Discuss the possible prices with the representatives of companies and see if they will fit your budget. For those considering CFS bonded warehouses in Japan as a part of their supply chain, this may not be the best low-cost option. Though, depending on the type and frequency of your shipments, it could still be a way to lower the costs of shipping by air.

If you’re aiming to get cheap air freight rates in Japan for your business, never stop negotiating

You thought that making a deal with your representative is the end of haggling? Unfortunately, it isn’t. If you’re going to lower the costs of shipping by air, constantly negotiate. A few months into your cooperation with the transport company, their competition is sure to make an offer. This will give you a great opportunity to try and lower the price. Consider which of the companies will actually have a good deal for you. Of course, if your relationship with the current representative is good, renegotiate a deal with them.

Don’t limit yourself to only shipping by this Japanese company

Do you know how to choose the best company for shipping your goods?
Which is the best company for shipping your goods?

We’ve spoken about deals already, right? It’s time to make this a permanent arrangement with your shipping representative. The perfect way to lower the costs of shipping by air is by making a good deal. What does this mean? Ask the representative if they’ve got any equipment which you could use for your business. Adding the cost of it to the shipping might provide you with a chance to ask for a discount. A perfect chance for this lowering of prices is exhibition cargo in Japan, for example.

If you’re looking to lower the costs of shipping by air, you ought to manage your supplies

As every budding businessperson knows, packing supplies are a reality which costs any business. If you’re aiming to lower the costs of shipping by air, supplies are one of the ways to do so. There are plenty of companies which will offer you packing materials in bulk. This is the kind of cost-cutting opportunity you will want to take advantage of. However, keep in mind that you also need to pay the transport of these supplies. In order to get them for the best price possible, we’d suggest looking for local companies in Japan which sell packing supplies.

Finally, if you’re looking to cut the costs when shipping your goods in Japan, why choose air transport?

It is well-known in the world of entrepreneurs that airfare is among the most expensive. So, why is shipping by plane the most used method? Well, let’s consider these two benefits:

  • Shipping by air in Japan is quick. In most cases, it will be the fastest way to get your goods if you’re transferring them by air.
  • Air transfer of goods is reliable. Sometimes the weather may influence arrival and departure days. However, usually, air freight is the most reliable when you need your goods shipped at a specific date.

    In order to lower the costs of shipping by air, you should consider all options of transport.
    When do you need your cargo to be shipped?

And if you’re going to be having your goods delivered by air, you should know how freight options can influence the price. There are three primary transport options which you need to know about. If you want to lower the costs of shipping by air, you should think about which one will suit your needs the best. Here is a short introduction:

  • You can send your goods on the next flight out. Logically, this is the option when air freight is shipped on the next available flight. It is definitely not a way to lower the cost, as it is the most expensive shipping option.
  • You can use consolidated shipping. This is definitely a way to secure a good deal in order to trim the costs. Consolidated shipments have a set schedule and transport larger amount for a certain price.
  • There is also the option of deferred transport. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, this is it. It is an option where your goods are kept as the lower priority. When there is space available on an aircraft, they are shipped out.

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