Living In Japan As An Expat – How To Cope

Living in Japan as an expat is very challenging. Known as an attractive and unusual country, Japan opens doors for thousands of people every year. You should learn a little about this country if want to live there, too. Most importantly, you should adopt their lifestyle. On the other hand, they offer great conditions, the cost of living and job opportunities for strange people. Moving should not be a problem. Overseas shipping companies will drive you whenever you want.

When it comes to lifestyle, it is specific in a country like Japan. They are workaholics and usually do not accept common ways to spend free time. Unfortunately, people who live in large cities usually do not have time after work. Most of the day they travel to or from work. However, you can find great nature there and places where your family could spend weekends.

A street in Japan
There are lot of great places to see in Japan

Working is specific when living in Japan as an expat

Many people are not aware of the special conditions when coming to Japan to live. The most important is how they will work. Not only that Japan has a stable economy, but it also offers great opportunities for a job. The only you should adapt to are working habits and true dedication to working.

  • The cost of living is high in Japan, but salaries cover it – moving to Japan could be shocking for that reason, but also you can easily adapt to it;
  • Traffic is specific in large cities – in Tokyo, you can drive through the city during the day easily and not face a crowd because of great public transportation;
  • Cultural life is specific there – you should research it before go for living in Japan as an ex-pat;
  • For most the people lifestyle in Japan is poor and boring – however, you can find great ways to spend days there,
  • We are sure that you have read about Japanese people, their behavior, culture, and discipline – it is something that you can adapt and learn, too.

Very busy nation

There are a lot of legends and myths about Japanese people, but one of them is true. They are a workaholic and very busy nation. They work life, but it is not always good. It usually means that they will be exhausted most of the day. For people who have planned moving internationally sounds shocking.

They give business cards

You should prepare your business card when prepare to live in Japan. They give their cards often and expect the same from you. So, the first you should prepare when moving there is a card with your name and occupancy. When companies like Kokusai Express Moving is about, the card is there to recommend their services and find new clients.

Always in a hurry

Working hard presumes strict and very tight working time. Japanese people know it and prepare for work. Although they have great public transportation, it is hard to go to work fast. Sometimes they travel longer than an hour for work. If you have planned to hire moving services Japan and move here, you should take this in mind firstly.

Architecture in Japan
You will see that Japanese people are different from Western people

Lifestyle is important to adopt when living in Japan as an expat

You surely know that living in Japan means adopting all their habits. It includes lifestyle and free time that is completely different. However, you cannot just simply accept that when coming to life. Since they do not have too much time for free time, it usually depends on their families. Most Japanese people spend weekends and free time surrounded by family.

Your manners are important

Japanese people pay much more attention to manners than opinion. It is not important what you think. They usually do not have time to talk with you about big world problems. However, they care very much about your manners, behavior, and how you address them. If you want to learn about Japanese people & lifestyle you should start from that.


There are a lot of great things that you will see in Japan, but you should also adapt to earthquakes. They have a few small or large during the day. Since they live in high buildings, things become more serious. However, they have learned it and do not feel bothered because of that.

Explore this country

It is hard to explain to the people how this country looks like and what are their advantages. They have great nature, but also an interesting way of living. On the other hand, they are very friendly but restrained. However, exploring this country is very interesting and challenging.

Nature in Japan
You will not have much time to enjoy in nature in Japan

Great cuisine

When say Japanese cuisine, a lot of us think about the rise and fish. However, they have great and various recipes with a lot of different ingredients and herbs. One more non-common fact. Japanese people eat a lot. They enjoy food and not hesitate to offer to strangers their meals.

Living in Japan as an expat usually means that you will be lonely

No matter how great this country is, there is no much time to have friendships. On the other hand, you can be sure that they are not happy to have friendships with people easily. So, you will feel lonely most of the time. It is not bad, though, but many people could be a problem. However, there are ways to resolve that problem, too.

It is hard to find friends

Because of working time and hard jobs that people usually work there, it is hard to find friends in Japan. However, you cannot be sure that they will accept you as a friend if not try to make contact with them. You should start with your colleges at work.

Feel lonely often

No matter how and with him you choose to come to Japan, you should prepare for loneliness. However, many experts recommend going in crowds often. There are a lot of places for that. You can go to public transportation, where a lot of people travel to work every day. You will feel surrounded by people and warmer, even though they are not your real friends.


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