Living in Hokkaido as a foreigner

Moving to a different country with different cultures and values can be really difficult. Not because it is hard to live there, but because some people may find it hard to adjust. If you plan on moving and living in Hokkaido then you should know what to expect from this wonderful place. While you’re reading this article, and getting to know more about this place, you can ask your movers Japan to prepare you for the upcoming move. It is always easy to move when you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here are some interesting things that will surprise you about Hokkaido.

Living in Hokkaido means getting used to the snow

Did you know that Hokkaido is a place that gets a lot of snow during winter? Now, one of the main things you need to know is that sometimes you will hear a loud thunderous noise coming from outside. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you because that is just a huge quantity of snow falling roofs. Although this may come as something pretty common, the fact that Hokkaido is a pretty quiet place means that this will be ready loud. If you come from a place when there’s no snow then moving here is something that will really surprise you. There are many newer buildings built here that make winter more bearable. The insulation and apartments are very nice for foreigners. This can mean a lot because winters can drop below freezing. And you would want to be somewhere warm and safe.

snow as a part of Living in Hokkaido as a foreigner
Living in Hokkaido means getting used to a lot of snow

It is not easy to move out if you don’t have professional help. Just because you believe you can do it doesn’t mean you can. This is where most people make huge mistakes that can cost them damaged items and money loss. Those more skilled will always suggest hiring movers when moving from Japan. It is the only way to save money and be sure that nothing can go wrong.

Road maintenance during winter is excellent

If you perhaps plan on buying a car or renting one, you would like to know if you can drive it during the winter. It is something that worries a lot of foreigners because they don’t know what kind of road, or traffic jams they are getting into. The best thing about living here is that the local government takes a lot of care about the roads during the winter. Surprisingly enough you won’t find yourself stuck in the snow and you will drive your car almost like it is springtime. The thing is, they will always advise you to pick up the winter tires and chains so you can maneuver your car, or a bike, through the winter road. Drivers here are very careful and will drive with a text of patience and care. What may come as a surprise is that minibikes and electric scooters are very popular here. So, if you plan on living in Hokkaido, then getting some of these will surely help you here.

a snow plower
The road is well maintained

If by any chance you already possess some of these items, you would want to transport them properly. Sometimes there are very hard to move, because they can be very fragile, and could break easily. If you decide to move your items as a foreigner, then perhaps it is for the best if you get air freight forwarders. When you get professional shipping services, you will know that your items are properly packed and moved with care.

Fashion is surprisingly similar

If you come from those places where people often wear fuzzy and warm clothes during the winter, you might be surprised that this place is more fashion-oriented than you would initially believe it these. You view probably notice that locals tend to wear more slim clothing, rather than big and bulky coats and jackets. But don’t let this make you believe that their clothing is bad for winter. Not only that they are very good and made of quality, but you can also get them at an affordable price. Hokkaido is more of a winter place, and living here revolves more around the snow.

As you can see, this is one of the best ways to learn more about Japan. Not only will it help you better adapt, but also you will have no issues with living here. Locals are amiable, and they love it when someone appreciates their culture and wants to learn more about it. One of the best ways you can get to know Hokkaido is through eating. Many places serve traditional food, and you will probably like them a lot.

Nature is wonderful

Due to the way of life in Japan, they are used to taking care of nature and the environment. The belief is that if you take care of your nature, you will always take care of yourself as well. This just shows how much Japanese are oriented toward the spirit and well-being of oneself. It is because of this you will enjoy a lot of parks, flowers, and many interesting decorations that can brighten your they. Having plants in your home is something common here. And we are certain it will only benefit your mental health as well.

image of nature in Hokkaido
Hokkaido nature is amazing

Living in Hokkaido as a foreigner is not something you should stress about because now you know what you can expect from this wonderful winter place. Although other seasons are beautiful as well, it is the wintertime that makes Hokkaido the magical place to be. We hope that now you know what to expect from moving here. If you wish to learn more we suggest you visit our blog and read more amazing articles we wrote.


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