List of items you can’t ship to Japan

The list of items you can’t ship to Japan is not long, but items on the list are among the commonly banned items in many countries. Usually, companies pay attention to safety, avoiding shipping items that can be dangerous or break the law. However, there are items which you can transport only with special allowances and with licensed companies, which you should inform about before shipping. In most cases, professionals in Kokusai Express Japan will explain which items you cannot transport in any circumstances. Follow their guidelines and try to understand the reasons why they do not allow shipping of some items.

Which are items you can’t ship to Japan

As you may think, most of the items you can’t ship to Japan are those that could be dangerous or break the law. It includes weapons or some types of chemicals, but not in all cases. In some circumstances, you will be able to transport some of those items under special conditions. If you cannot take items with you, use warehouse Japan and leave them in the safe.

Weapons are among the items you can’t ship to Japan

Firearms, ammunition, and explosive

It is unnecessary to explain why you cannot transport those items when shipping to Japan. Most countries ban these items for safety purposes, and they are right. Among items you can’t ship to Japan are small firearms you can use at home on holidays. The reasons are obvious; they can explode or fire items in the same box or truck. Overseas shipping companies will advise on how to transport them or if you can transport them.


Although you can transport some types of chemicals, there are items you can’t ship to Japan. On this list are liquids that can cause damage to or poisoning of the workers in shipping companies. Also, you will need to prepare documents and properly pack those liquids if they allow you to ship.

  • Most of the acids are among items you can’t ship to Japan for a reason – they can damage other items in the vehicle;
  • Companies banns chemicals and germs that you can use as a weapon;
  • Sea freight forwarders also advise using special packages and bottles for chemicals to avoid damage.

Papers could be on this list, too

In common situations, we consider writing papers as not harmful and would never consider them banned for transporting. However, there are magazines, books, and photographs that you must not transport with you in any circumstances. Although they are on paper, they can be dangerous, too.

Countries have special legislation that forbids taking plants aboard

Child pornography and immoral materials

For reasonable reasons, those items are among banner items in many countries. Do not think that you can smuggle immoral materials. Most professional companies will not allow you to pack or transport those items. In case they catch you, the country has very specific and strict laws in these cases.

Fake money

Although it could be a good joke, fake money is strictly forbidden for shipping to another country. It includes Japan, too, so do not make those jokes when shipping to Japan. Even if money is visibly fake, visibly on poor paper, they consider it a criminal activity. Also, you must not take any counterfeit goods for the same reasons. All of them are on the list of items you can’t ship to Japan.


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