Learning A New Language Before Moving Overseas: How To

Learning a new language before moving overseas, usually presumes quick and efficient adopting of new words. It is not easy, even if you have help. Adopting new sentences depends mostly on your memory and skills. The previous languages that you talk about could help you a lot. People who work in overseas shipping companies quickly learn new languages as their companies get new clients. It is best if you can learn languages with the same origins. Spanish and Italian are similar because of the same roots. When you discover one of them, you can quickly try the other ones. On the other hand, you will learn new words that are similar to the previous language. Also, you can find great ways to learn vocabulary on the internet nowadays.

A man reads newspapers
You should learn a language whenever you can

Learning a new language before moving overseas alone

You can learn a new language easily alone, without a teacher. Many people avoid going to the schools, mostly because of the prices. However, learning in the school presumes to adjust to the group rhythm, which is not suitable for you. It is much better to start with learning alone. You can quickly go to the course later when you move from basics to the more challenging lessons.

  • Learn basic grammar – most of the language schools start with grammar and lose time on it, but you should not focus on grammar at the beginning;
  • Learning a new language before moving overseas should start from unknown words and phrases;
  • Involve yourself in situations when you can talk with foreign people and practice – talking with the workers that organize cargo export is a great opportunity;
  • Try to understand the words without dictionary and explanations – just from the situations;
  • Read as much as you can on a new language – it is more challenging, but you will memorize words and sentences easier.

Find a person who talks the language

The easiest way to learn a new language before moving is to talk with the person from that country. It should not be hard nowadays. You can find them on social networks nowadays. Even before Kokusai Express Moving company relocates you there, you can find great people to hang out with them and talk on their language.

Foreign movies

If you cannot find a person who will talk on the new language, you can still listen to the people in that language. The best way is to watch movies. They have a lot of common daily phrases and short sentences, so you can easily understand them. The best is that you can start with learning even before moving to Japan.

Use flash cards

Another great way to keep a connection with the language. It means that you should write on the card words and phrases that are hard for you to adopt. From time to time, check what is on them and repeat the phrase. One of the best advantages of this method is that they will always be in your pockets.

Buy a dictionary

You should have a book with standard and correct spelling and translate it with you. There are a lot of types of dictionaries that you can use for this purpose. They are great for learning the right words but do not rely too much on them. It would help if you tried to understand the sentence from the talk.

German dictionary
Buy a dictionary and start to learn a language in a more serious manner

Learning a new language before moving overseas if you have money

Along with the language schools, you can start with learning by using helpers. It presumes to pay or buying new books and lessons. You can also pay for a tutor or software. Whatever you choose, do not forget that it will only help you to adopt a basic knowledge. Most of the things you will learn later when talking with the people.


It is for sure that you will learn the language much more comfortable if you have a tutor. It should be a person that knows the language, maybe even a professional teacher. The most important is that you need to have a person that will have a one-on-one conversation. He will correct all your mistakes in that way.

Take a class

Finally, you can easily take a class or course to learn a new language. There are a lot of types and methods that language schools use to adopt a new language. You should choose the best one for you. Also, you can start alone and then take classes for more challenging lessons. Or, take the course by needs, from time to time.

Digital software

There are great software and even video games that you can use to learn a new language. They are made to make your learning more exciting and more comfortable. You can play games with new words, spelling, or writing new stories.

Tricks for learning a new language before moving overseas

There are many ways to learn the language, even if you do not use standard methods. People who live in foreign countries quickly adopt new words and sentences. The key is in talking with the people from the state. In that way, you will learn faster and much better remember new words. Also, you should adopt some habits that will help you in this job.

Japanese letters
The hardest when learning language is writing

Hang out with new people

People who have learned a new language usually afraid to talk with the people in modern language. However, it would help if you were not scared of that. It is the best way to learn new words and phrases. There are many idioms in the language that only people who talk the language could explain to you.

Learn a new language before moving overseas every day

You should make a schedule that includes lessons every day. It should not be difficult. The best way is to take 15 minutes every day for this purpose. You will have a daily habit and still make this fun. Also, you can use pause at work or traveling to the job for this.

Explore the new country

Learning a new language before moving overseas will be more efficient and more comfortable if you explore the country you will move in. It means that you should know about the culture in that country and history. Since Japan’s travel and living guide includes useful tips for living in this country, you will get even more information.


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