Large item crating 101

International air and overseas freight were once available mostly for large companies. However, nowadays everyone is able to send or receive items overseas. Because of this situation, large item crating has become one of the main issues people face. Still, hiring a professional moving company can help you go through this process easier.

a picture of a boat in the middle of the sea
Shipping large items is a difficult, but doable task with good organization

If you are preparing to send something overseas, crating it properly is of utmost importance. Because the item sent is going to be exposed to possible damage you must ensure everything is secured.

Everything you need to know about large item crating

Depending on what item you are sending overseas, you must ensure that it arrives without any damage. One of the main reasons items get broken is because of their poor packing and cushioning situation. It is important to realize which items need extra protection and which do not. Hiring overseas shipping companies can only benefit you in this process.

a set of statues packed as a result of large item crating properly
Fragile items will require a lot more packing and cushioning

When shipping large items you must be careful. Large items are usually prone to damage and can easily be broken or break something else during the move. Here are some of the main things to pay attention to when packing items for shipment:

  1. Fragile and non-fragile – Make sure to separate items that are fragile. Pay close attention when packing them and make sure that you have enough cushioning material to minimalize the damage outcome. Separating these items in the packing stage will help you avoid any losses.
  2. Pay attention to the weight – The weight of the item will determine the difficulty of shipping it. Besides creating extra costs, items that have a large weight may end up suffering damage. This is another way you can lose money during this process.
  3. Invest in a cushioning material – Cushioning material can provide an extra layer of protection to your items. Before you start with the packing process make sure that you have all the materials you need. This will prevent any damage that may occur during the shipping and save you a good chunk of money. Carefully pack one item at a time and make sure that they are all wrapped in protective material.
  4. Label everything manually – Having only one label on the crate is not good enough. Because the crate may suffer some damage during the transport the label might not be visible.

Box the items adequately

Depending on how big the item you are sending is you must choose the appropriate boxing for it. For instance, sending small or non-fragile items will not require any additional cushioning material. The biggest thing to look out for when sending smaller items is if the crate is strong enough to hold them. However, when sending bigger or fragile items you need to be careful. Fragile items are very prone to damages and you should consider about unplanned shipping expenses. Moreover, when packing large items you have to make sure that you protect them well enough so they do not get broken during the transport.

Expect them to be opened

Most of the inspectors open up crates and shipments to determine whether the content inside the crate matches the paperwork. Because these crates will go through the customs you must make sure that you make them approachable. Firstly, because you have made your crate accessible it will not be suspicious. Secondly, in case you did not make the crate openable, they will drill a hole to take a peek inside it. This can damage any items inside and can create problems. These problems are exactly what you are trying to avoid. Make sure pack them in a crate nice and tight and to create a mechanism to open the crate.

Consider plastic crates for large-item crating

Plastic crates are a bit better than wooden ones. For instance, plastic crates do not host any pests and are easier for inspection. Moreover, they can be reusable and are very reliable and durable. The only downside to these crates is that they might cost a bit more than wooden crates. Looking at the bigger picture, if you plan on sending items regularly, plastic crates are a thing for you. When sending important items where damage or loss is not an option plastic crates provide the best protection.

Shipping overseas takes time

Cargo export is something that can take a bit of time. Firstly, because you are sending the item on a long distance it will require more time to finish the process. Secondly, because your item is leaving the country it must undergo a series of inspections to determine if everything is okay. Because of these two steps, you must take into consideration that the whole process might take longer than expected.

a ship loading containers at a dock
The whole process of items leaving one and entering another country may take some time

So, let us say, for instance, you want to pack and ship statues and you need a guide. Would you consider hiring professional companies to help you? Well, this can be quite beneficial to the whole process. Because professional moving companies work with these kinds of things on a daily basis they can help you prepare. Even more, they will provide you with all the material you need to protect and pack your items.

Make sure you check everything before shipping it

Large item crating is a difficult task to pull off. However, if you opt for professional help it will become easier. Non-the-less, before shipping your items make sure that you check everything. From labeling to the sturdiness of the boxes and how the items are protected. Crates have a purpose to protect any items inside and you should secure that is the case.


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