Japan self-storage renting tutorial

So you have your mind set on relocating to the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, Kokusai Express fully supports and welcomes your decision. Not only that, but we will offer whatever assistance we can to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Now, most foreigners fail to fully comprehend what it means to move to a completely different country. This can reflect anything, and among those things is the need for warehousing. Japan being the home to a population of 127 million people makes it not so spacious when it comes to living arrangements. What this means is that there will be a need to look into the option of Japan self-storage.

Find the ideal Japan self-storage to help ih settling in.
Not everything is big in Japan – adjust by renting Japan self-storage.

Importance of Japan self-storage when relocating there

Even though the Japanese are not as big of consumers as Americans or Australians, the practice of self-storage has caught on. Simple reason for this would be the fact that Japan is not as big territory-wise, but has a large population to cope with. You will find a common practice of micro-apartments all throughout Japan, optimizing a small room to act as an apartment. It is for this particular reason that there is potential for Japan self-storage to bloom. And it is because of this that we will offer an insight into what one might have to consider when looking to rent out depository units in Japan.

Japan self-storage preparation phase

General fact – a good plan can make all the difference in any given situation. Especially when that same plan is well thought and perfectly executed. This is why it is important to consider what you might be looking for in a storage facility before going and renting the first one you find. So here are some key areas to focus on:

  • Japan self-storage type
  • Distance in-between yourself and the depot
  • Level of access to the storage unit

Opting for a certain kind of storage unit

Relocation is a grand venture, and storage is just one of the tools you are presented with to help you.
There are my criteria to consider before opting for a japan self-storage facility.

This all depends on what it is you are looking to store. First thing to consider here would be making a checklist of belongings you need stored. Once that has been done, picture a general image of the space you would need to have them stored away safely. And in addition to this, consider whether you would require any special storing conditions for those belongings. So to recap, three main focuses for deciding on the type of Japan self-storage unit:

  1. Size of the storage container/unit
  2. Extra measures
  3. Time-sustainability

The influence of size on storage

Basically, you won’t rent the same storage unit for storing boxes of spare clothing and a piano. The quantity and robustness of the items you plan on depositing can help you see whether you need a warehouse, ship container or a concise 5×5 storage unit.

Extra measures that a Japan self-storage can possess

Think hard on how fragile the items you are moving are. Ask yourself whether some of the possessions you have there might require specific storing conditions. And by this, we are referring to sensitivity to high/low temperatures. If this is the case, you need to add a climate-controlled unit as a search criterion.

Time-sustainability when it comes to storage

Are you looking to deposit your belongings short or long-term? If you are focusing on short-term, not much thought needed there – a simple 5×5 storage unit should do the trick. If you are, however, interested in storing your things away for a longer period of time – going for a sealed container or warehouse would be the right choice.

The importance of distance when looking for Japan self-storage

Storage distance plays an important role when looking to deposit belongings. After all, the last thing one would want has to travel across the city just to grab some winter wardrobe. So we once again round back to what it is you are storing. If we are talking about things you plan on using from time to time, you should be focusing on Japan self-storage units in your neighborhood. And on the other hand, if we are looking into some long-term storage, priorities change. Priorities switch from distance to low-price offers, and the farther from city the warehouse is, the more affordable it will be.

You never know when you might need your things, so make sure you have the right access.
No matter if remote or personal, make sure to have access to your depository.

Accessibility level for storage can play a big role in the selection process

Bear in mind that most storage facilities in Japan (and world-wide for that matter) have the same working hours. 5 days a week (maybe six) from morning till dark. And for most people, those working hours are more than acceptable since you have more than enough time to stop by. However, there are particular cases where the goods you are storing might be needed in the middle of the night or during weekends. And this is where warehouses which work around the clock come in play. Sure enough, they cost more and have certain procedures and policies, but nothing overwhelming.

Extra services one might expect from storage facilities

Now, having general services is simply a must one comes to expect. However, it is the extra services that one offer that can separate them from the competition. It all comes down to going that extra mile for the customer. And what we mean by this is:

  • Remote storage running – providing you as the client with the ability to own and manage your storage space online. This way you take out distance of storage out of the equation and can arrange for pick up and deliveries anytime and from anywhere in Japan.
  • Storage dollies and hand-trucks – one needs to have the right tools for doing a job. So if a storage facility is able to provide adequate equipment to help you unload and transport your belongings, all the better.
  • Accessible loading and unloading areas – even if the storage facility does not have the right tools, they can still make a difference. They can do this by providing drive-up access to the units of containers they rent out. That way you are free to unload and load on the spot.
  • Courier services – by offering a team of professional to move your storage from point A to point B, depots can install confidence and willingness to provide the best services possible.

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