Japan inland relocation guide

It is good to know that you are enjoying life in Japan. And the fact that you are interested in moving to a different city is quite adventurous. Even though we are speaking of an island nation, Japan has quite the territory. And moving to different parts of it requires help from a professional Japan moving company. Such a company can offer means and tools for your Japan inland relocation. But more importantly, it can guide you through the process with sound advice and reliable insight. What more could you ask really?

Make sure that your Japan inland relocation goes smoohtly by accounting for everything.
Plan out your Japan inland relocation in an easy and organized manner.

Choosing a shipping method for your Japan inland relocation

Since Japan is an island after all, it offers a variety of choices when it comes to transportation. Add to that how technologically developed it is and the choices are endless. Now, when looking at moving within Japan borders, there are several choices one can make:

  • Transportation via ship
  • Aerial transport
  • Ground transport

Bear in mind that each option should be carefully considered before making a decision. Weigh out the pros and cons of each of these methods first and then consider which suits you best. Will it be the fastest, cheapest or safest path?

Using the sea for Japan inland relocation

Ferry transportation offers safety and accesibility for a low estimate.
Using ferries for your inland move is the lowest-priced method to go with.

Since the Land of the Rising Sun is comprised of hundreds of small islands, ferries and ships are a popular method of transportation. All the major cities are connected by a domestic network of ferries and ships. In fact, many of those smaller islands are only reachable by sea. Now, people tend to opt for this method since the price is acceptable and there is a high level of safety. So if you are leaning towards this method, these would be the advantages:

  • ability to transport heavy cargo at lower estimates
  • minimal risk of damage due to secure packing and a steady pace
  • a variety of sea shipping companies to choose from

Every coin has two sides, and so does every transportation method. So these would be the potential downfalls of water transportation:

  • time-consuming due to the fact that ferries and ships are the slowest form of transport
  • weather plays a big factor and can cause delays
  • extra costs due to dock fees (especially if container storage is involved)

Using aerial transport for Japan inland relocation

Using aerial transportation might not be the most convenient solution when it comes to inland moving. To begin with, it is the highest priced form of transportation and quite limited at that. There are not that many major airports in Japan so you would need to combine methods and pay extra. And again, timetables and weather conditions play an influencing role.

There are however good sides to this choice as well:

  • when it comes to covering long distances, it is quite practical
  • considered the fastest way to relocate
  • saves a lot of time
  • offers safety and security

Pros and cons ground inland relocation

When considering options for moving or transporting goods using ground transportation, you can opt for two means: truck or train.

Flexibility is the key when it comes to truck transportation. Routes can be modified at all times, if need to do so arises. The loading and unloading is much faster due to great accessibility. And there are no additional costs since everything is taken care of by the Japan mover you hired.

Japan has long ago perfected their railway system to the point of making it the ideal transportation method.
As far as railways go, Japan is has perfect the game with their bullet train and railway network.

On the other hand, one should not underestimate the Japan Railways Group. Basically, six railway companies which cover a railway network that is nation-wide. Advantages:

  • large cargo capacity
  • weather conditions do not influence the transportation
  • low-cost
  • well-connected remote regions

The only issue would be the need for transport from the train to your new home, which again comes to moving trucks. However, this can all be arranged and negotiated with your team of movers.

Getting an estimate for your Japan inland relocation

Knowing exactly how much something will cost is important for any endeavor. So no matter if you are moving to a different part of Tokyo or a different city altogether, you need to get an estimate. Not only so that you know the budget you have to have, but also to make additional space for any additional expenses that might arise. Everything that you would usually save on local relocation is erased when talking about Japan inland relocation. So these are some of the expenses you should consider when planing:

Transportation costs

Quantity of items and the distance to cover can determine the price of your Japan inland relocation.

After going through the various means of transport, you should have a general idea. So first check the route of your relocation and what paths you can take. Then do a cross-comparison of prices, check how your budget fares and make a final decision. You will find that certain routes can be longer but cheaper and so forth.

Cost of packing services

Save yourself a lot of stress by opting for full service inland moving.
Consider how much your time and stress costs in comparison to full-service Japan inland relocation.

No matter the distance, you need to ensure that your valuables are correctly packed. This is much easier when it comes to short-distance moving. However, Japan inland relocation is more oriented towards longer routes, so ensuring the safety of your belongings is essential. Every mile you plan on crossing counts.

This is why there is a way for you to take out this type of stress – professional packing services. Consider this for a moment – you are already hiring a reliable Japan moving company, so why not pay extra for them to take care of everything? This way you get a guarantee for the safety of your possessions and have one less thing to worry about.

Warehousing option

Since we are talking about Japan inland relocation here, long-distance is the right term. And with long-distance moving, the need for storage can often occur. Scenarios where this happens:

  • Your items reach your new home before you do, you need to have them stored away safely.
  • Flexible shipping. Allowing the moving company to decide on a shipping date in accordance with their schedule for a lower estimate. And while you wait on them to arrive, your things will have to be stored away until moving day.

All this can often happen, which is why you should consider reliable warehousing as a contingency option.

Japan inland relocation insurance

Insurance is something that is always discussed and weighed. However, your piece of mind should always be a priority. Even though the professional moving company you hired is there to securely transport your belongings, unpredictable situations can always happen. And you need to prepare for these types of situations. So why not prevent any potential issues or damage by simply taking moving insurance?

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