Items your International Movers won’t move

There are a lot of things your international movers won’t move. People think that a good moving company like KSE moving will never reject moving your stuff. However, there are a lot of items that they must not accept. In some cases, the law forbids the moving of dangerous things. In others, it is tough to organize safe and fast-moving for some items.

  • Most moving companies avoid moving of dangerous items – they must protect workers, passengers, and owners of the things;
  • Things that are hard for carrying and too robust moving companies usually avoid to transport – they know that organizing for moving and transporting could cost much more than the client could pay;
  • Overseas shipping companies know the law and documentation they need to fulfill when carrying – but in some cases, it is tough for them to organize, so they will rather avoid transporting;
  • Some types of plants and animals you cannot carry in any situations, so the moving company will politely reject transporting;
  • There are a lot of valuable items your international movers won’t move since they do not accept the risk of loss or damage them.

However, the list of items your movers will not accept is long. It depends on the type of moving, but also distance and law. Before proceeding, you should talk with your movers about this problem. They will explain in which circumstance they cannot transport your items.

Rust on chain
Nobody will accept to transport liquids that damage metal

Personal items your international movers won’t move

It is hard to care about things that are important for the owners. In most cases, those include photos or family documentation. However, it is easy to lose or damage during moving. For a moving company, it represents a high risk and possible lawsuit after moving. It would be best to keep those things with you when moving, though.

Personal and sentimental items

We know that you surely want to take photos or documents with you when moving. Although air freight forwarders could easily pack them, they will not accept it. The reason is the high risk of losing and damaging. However, even you should consider this possibility and find another way to transport them. The easiest is to pack in a personal bag.


We do not know why anybody would take food with them when moving. However, if you wanted to empty the refrigerator before moving, it is better to throw those things. Perishable food could cause severe damage and smell in the vehicle. After all, you cannot consume them. Maybe a little easier job has domestic movers since food will not spoil on a short distance. Even they will recommend leaving the food at home. In case you have a favorite food that wants to have in a new country, use a hand refrigerator.


It is a fundamental question and demands to learn a lot of information before moving. While some types of animals you can transport but after long preparation and documentation, there are those that you cannot take with you. If you have a dog, for example, you will need to give it vaccines and examines it. Snakes, on the other hand, must find another owner.

Valuable items your international movers won’t move

Nobody will accept this high risk of moving. Do not forget that you should pay for insurance before proceeding. If a company loses something, insurance will pay severe damage. Companies choose not to accept this risk and high insurance rate. On the other hand, it would be better to have those things with you when moving.

Family valuable items

Everything that comes from the family has high value for you. Even photos you should prepare carefully and protect. However, families have useful things that cost a lot. Among those is jewelry but also heirlooms. It is best to take them in a bag with you.

Cards, money, and documentation

Most people will not even consider the option to pack money and credit cards in a bag when moving. However, people freely put family documents in a container where they can lose it. Those are mostly contracts or owning documentation. Not only that, they are valuable, you can have severe troubles if somebody come into possession of those items.

Credit cards
It is better to keep credit cards with you in a wallet

Dangerous items your international movers won’t move

When it comes to dangerous things, moving companies usually not accept transporting in any circumstances. However, it is essential to know which of them moving companies put on the list of dangerous items. In some cases, they are only part of vehicles or devices that you want to take with you when moving.


You surely do not think that plants are dangerous, and they usually not. However, the law is severe and does not accept the transporting of the plants. In some cases, like in the US, you can carry plants for a distance shorter than 50 miles. However, it is tough to organize and protect this transport, so it is better to give them to somebody as a gift.

Home plants
Unfortunately, your plants must find a new owner

Scuba gear

People usually travel on long-distance because they love diving. Since scuba gear is costly, they choose to take it with them. However, it is much better to leave it behind. Moving companies will not accept to transport something so dangerous. They are full of oxygen that could explode in the airplane.

Hazardous materials

There are a lot of dangerous materials and liquids that could seriously damage the vehicle if something happens. Among them are explosives, flammable items, and toxic liquids. However, do not forget that corrosive liquids and acids could also do severe damages. So, it is better to avoid them when moving. Even nail polish could be dangerous.


Moving companies could accept to transport machines. However, they include parts or materials that are dangerous. So, they usually have batteries, oil, gas, and acid, which could damage the vehicle or cause severe problems. They are surely items your international movers won’t move. However, learn about environmental issues that batteries cause before moving.

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