Items you should keep in climate controlled storage units

There’s a multitude of reasons why someone might need to rent a storage unit. Maybe you’re moving far away and can’t bring all of your belongings with you. Perhaps you’re moving into a new home that doesn’t have much storage space. Or maybe it’s an effort to declutter your home and get rid of possessions that you have no use for. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve done a cursory search, you’ve most likely encountered a certain phrase at every turn: climate-controlled units. While most items don’t require special storage options, there are some items you should keep in climate-controlled storage units. Here at Kokusai Express Japan, our experts have compiled our best tips and advice so you can choose the best storage option for you.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are specially designed storage units that prevent temperature fluctuations and humidity. They are always kept at a certain temperature and very specific humidity levels. Generally, this temperature is somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Climate-controlled units tend to be indoors. If you want to preserve your items in the best state possible and delay any visible aging, moisture effects, and damage, climate-controlled storage is something you should definitely look into. While there are items that absolutely require climate-controlled storage, it is always beneficial to store things in these types of units. Additionally, climate-controlled units are preferable to use if you’re storing commercial items for a business, be sure to read up on warehouse Japan options if you’re planning on renting.

two open boxes for items you should keep in climate controlled storage
Proper packing supplies are still important even if you’re keeping items in temperature controlled storage.


Reasons you should keep items in climate-controlled storage

Now you know what climate control storage units are, but what are some reasons to use one? We’ve already said some items simply need climate-controlled storage to stay in the best condition, but there are other reasons too. For example, climate-controlled storage units often have great air circulation. Indoor storage units usually don’t have any sort of air circulation system, but they’re a must for temperature-controlled units. Air constantly circulating will prevent it from becoming stale. Finally, you should consider climate controlled units if you plan on keeping items long-term. Depending on your location, temperatures may vary wildly during the year. The added cost isn’t significant, so even if you’re relocating overseas on a budget it won’t be hard to rent a unit. Pay a little extra and give yourself peace of mind.


Cost of climate-controlled units

You’re probably thinking, if these units are so well maintained and controlled, they surely cost a fortune. However, that’s not the case. According to different averages and statistics, you’ll be paying around 15 to 20 percent more than if you chose a standard unit. It’s important to note that these are just estimates. The best practice is to call different storage unit facilities and ask them directly about their rates, as well as different fees you might encounter. Don’t make choosing a suitable storage unit harder on yourself and ask the professionals for their advice. 

Woman's hands counting money
The key to saving money on storage is careful planning.


Tips for renting a unit on a budget:

  • asses which items you should keep in climate controlled storage
  • optimize space as much as possible
  • don’t rent a bigger unit just-in-case
  • buy boxes that fit the size of your items

5 items you should keep in climate controlled storage

By this point, you should know all about the basics of climate controlled units, how much they cost and why you should rent one. Now comes the question of which items of yours require this special type of storage. We’ll be going over that next.


Storing art of any kind is often difficult. Depending on the art form many factors need to be considered. Inadequate storage can lead to cracks, rips, tears, and fading. Storing paintings is tricky because you cannot just lay them on the floor and leave them. They can soak up the moisture and dampness from the floor. Furthermore, heat can actually melt the paint. If you choose to rent a climate controlled storage unit, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Although, we still recommend that you pack your art with proper packing materials.

woman painting in a studio
Put as much effort into protecting your art as you did into creating it.


Technology has become intertwined with our daily lives, but most people don’t know how fragile it actually is. When it comes to storing electronics, a lot of people assume you can put it in a box and leave. In reality, electronic devices are extremely vulnerable to humidity and temperature shifts. Dust is another big issue you’ll encounter. For all these reasons, temperature-controlled units are a must if you wish to preserve your electronic devices.

Sentimental and valuable items

When it comes to items of great value, emotional or financial it’s better to be safe than sorry. your belongings are important and deserve the best care and conditions. This doubles if the items are irreplaceable or carry sentimental value. Saving a few extra dollars won’t be of any importance if a beloved item of yours is ruined.

Documents and photographs

Climate controlled storage units are the perfect choice for documents and photographs. Photos are very susceptible to heat damage. If you store your photographs improperly, it can lead to fading. Furthermore, if you stack photos, heat can actually melt them.

Paper is one of the hardest materials to store for long periods of time. Heat, light, and temperature changes affect it greatly.


In conclusion, it should be noted that this is by no means a complete list of items that require a temperature-controlled environment for storage. There are many items you should keep in climate controlled storage we haven’t mentioned here. If you have any doubts, contact the storage facility you’re working with. Don’t be rash with your decision and research your options extensively. It might save your belongings from damage in the long run.


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