Items you can’t ship to Japan

Among items you can’t ship to Japan are mostly those that you cannot bring to any country in the world. However, you should be aware of the fact that each country has its own rules, so learn them before traveling. To avoid possible problems, rely on professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan for moving.

Some items you can’t ship to Japan are dangerous

There are many items that are dangerous, and countries will not take a risk with them. You should inform them before moving.

Old batteries
Items you can’t ship to Japan are most dangerous and hazardous

Dangerous items

Sea freight forwarders will not transport items that could create a dangerous situation in any circumstances. Among some of them are explosives, toxic liquid, and poison. Items like weapons or ammunition are not dangerous per se, but they can bring you to a dangerous situation, so you will need a special allowance for them. If you consider bringing an antique weapon, you will need a special allowance, too.

Hazardous liquid

Although many people will not take acid or chemical poisons with them when moving to Japan, there are situations when you should be informed about the law. You cannot bring hazardous liquid like acid with you for many reasons. Some of them are possible damages that you can cause or even problems with other passengers on the plane.

Obscene and immoral contents

You will not be able to transport any of the contents, video, or paper, with obscene photos and texts. However, the most important thing is that overseas shipping companies will not transport child pornography and similar content, which is forbidden and strictly punishable in every country in the world.

Narcotic drugs

Since narcotics and illegal opioid drugs are forbidden in Japan, it is important to know that you will not be able to take them into the country. These include opium, marihuana, and other stimulants. Not only will it be taken from you, but you can also go to prison for a long time. Authority considers it drug smuggling, which is strongly punishable.

  • If you have medicines, you must have a doctor’s allowance to bring them with you;
  • Among items you can’t ship to Japan are medicines that cause addiction;
  • Do not worry; you will be able to take prescribed drugs in Japan.

Some items are not usual

You cannot ship items to Japan, although they are not dangerous in the first place. Most of them you will not be able to transport because of rules that countries have.

Opioid drugs are forbidden in Japan

Books that infringe on copyright

Maybe the line that books are forbidden for shipping does not sound good, but there are situations when you will not be able to bring books. Those are books that violate the law and copyright. If you have one of those with you, the authorities will consider your act as breaking the law.

Counterfeit money

Not only that counterfeit money is against the law, but taking the money that breaks the law is a big problem when moving to a new country. It does not matter what that money is for. Even if you have poorly printed money with you, the authority on the customs clearance will accuse you of smuggling. So, those items you can’t ship to Japan in any circumstances.


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