Is drone delivery the future of logistics?

Now that we know that drones are prevalent for making videos, it is logical to ask if drone delivery is the future of logistics. It is sure that companies could use these light, small, and cheap vehicles for shipping. Not only that they are fast, but they can save the planet and could avoid roads and crowds. Thanks to the new models, there are a lot of versions of it, different in size and shape. We can rely on them even in poor weather and surely get the best from them if used properly. So, when will professional companies like Kokusai Express Japan start to use it?

Is drone delivery the future of logistics?

The first question we should ask is if companies can use drones for these jobs. It is for sure that they can carry small and light packages. The real question is when they can go to commercial usage.

Is drone delivery the future of logistics?

This is not a science fiction

Although it seems like a movie with robots, drones will likely be used in years to come. A Californian provider of AI-powered drone solutions supports the idea that autonomous vehicles can transport packages. It is possible to expect that robots will drive cars shortly, so why would they not carry our packages? Overseas shipping companies will gladly use them for light boxes that they have to deliver very fast.

They are cheaper

It is for sure that using drones will be cheaper than any other shipping method. So, why would we not use them for transport? International freight forwarders are okay with using small, light, and intelligent shipping methods. They make up nearly half of the total cost of shipping, and they are faster. According to experts, shipping and delivery are expanding, and this market will earn $50 billion by 2028. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Will that decrease the number of workers?

Whenever robots and machines replace men, they lose their job. The question is how much drones will affect the number of workers in the shipping industry. Cargo export depends on workers, but it is a much more expensive option than using drones.

  • The receipt price of delivering of 3kg grocery parcel will be less than $5
  • Six drones perform 192 quick trips per day within a 10km radius.
  • The question is not is drone delivery the future of logistics but when it becomes the future.

How to adapt to these vehicles?

If we are users and clients, we will be acceptable to accept drones in delivering. Although there are important questions to resolve, they will become the future of transporting goods.

Will drones bring to us packages in the future?

Cutting carbon emissions

We know that carbon emission has become a big thing in the shipping industry, with the growth in last-mile delivery. Carbon emissions from delivery traffic are expected to increase by over 30 percent in the world’s 100 largest cities. Therefore, companies will use more and more of these vehicles to cut carbon emissions. It is a green, cheap, and fast solution. We should not ask if drone delivery is the future of logistics but when it will replace traditional shipping methods.

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