International moving costs for 2022

International moving costs for 2022 are slightly higher than in previous years for most reasons. All that happened in the past two years affected the prices of shipping and moving. however, with a good moving company like Kokusai Express Japan they should be lower and more affordable.

What affects moving costs?

There are a lot of reasons why costs for shipping in 2022 could be higher. However, there are common reasons why the costs of shipping are so high.

  • Moving from Japan could be seriously difficult and for many people extremely expensive;
  • With good moving company international moving costs for 2022 are significantly lower;
  • Do not forget to communicate with people from the company and ask whatever you need to know about the procedure.
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International moving costs for 2022 are slightly higher than in previous years

Type of transportation

Although there are a lot of types of transportation, clients usually choose one of two or three options. The price of shipping will vary depending on the type of shipping. Air shipping is slightly more expensive than sea shipping, while there are a lot of types of shipping by land that is cheaper. The company will also recommend the most affordable international freight forwarding, and you will choose the cheapest option for you, considering the time of shipping, volume, time of the year, and other circumstances.


It is not possible to organize shipping and any type of transportation without paying insurance. As a client, you should pay insurance in any circumstances, since it protects you and your belongings from any damage or loss. Aside from insuring belongings, you are obliged to pay medical insurance for yourself, in case something happens during the journey. Both affect the international moving costs.


It is impossible to organize transportation without preparing documents for this journey. First, you will need to prepare a visa, papers for customs clearance, allowances, and licenses. All will be recommended by the shipping company. You also should organize to get a visa, which could cost a little more than you have expected. Include fees, taxes, and costs that you may pay for each document and paper you may need.

Type of goods you transfer

If you organize international moving it is more than simply transporting items. You will surely transport all you have in your home, and some items cost a little more when shipped internationally. Costs of shipping may vary depending on the types of goods you transport. The price could be higher if you choose to transport pets, large pieces of furniture, or sensitive and valuable items. Some companies have a special price list for items that demand special preparation and precautions when shipping.

Ship with containers
Type of the cargo you want to transport defines the moving cost.

International moving costs for 2022

There are a lot of reasons why moving has the prices that it has. However, most of the prices are defined by the type of items you ship and the relation to where you ship items.

International car shipping

You should be aware of the high costs of car shipping in any company that you may hire. The average cost of shipping a car in the US is $2000 to $4000. The price depends on many circumstances, including the type of the car, size, weight, insurance, and many others. The highest price is when you use your container. There are special port-to-port services (called RORO services) that are slightly cheaper. Here you drop your car at a nearby terminal and pick it up when the car arrives at the destination port. You can also choose a consolidation service, where you put the car in a container with other shipping to the same destination.

Airfreight costs

Although air freight is the most expensive shipping option, many clients consider it the fastest and safest way to transport goods. It is even double or triple higher than ocean freight cost, with an average price between $6000 and $10000. However, if you are in hurry, it is the best option for you. According to companies, transit time is seven to ten days quicker than good ocean freight. However, we do not recommend using this method for a large home. The price could be extremely high.

How to reduce costs of moving?

Sounds impossible, but you can reduce the costs of moving easily. The key is in planning, organizing, and cooperating with the right company.

Get rid of stuff

It is highly recommended to downsize your belongings and decrease the number of boxes and packages when shipping internationally. Not only costs will be higher, but it is also impossible to control safety for those boxes and track all items carefully. Consider this a great opportunity to get rid of stuff that you do not use anymore and start with the new life with new items and households.

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You should count on unplanned costs when organizing shipping

Pack your items alone

This is very difficult but could significantly reduce costs. If you have time and are willing to save money on packing, you should prepare for this job carefully. First, prepare packing material, different sizes of boxes, a lot of boxes, tape, and a labeling system. You will need to protect items from damage and loss, prepare wrapping plastic and other protective materials. Packing could take a few days, but you can ask friends to help you. It is time for a purge which will make this job easier.

Rely on a good moving company

Choosing the right moving company as well as proper project cargo could significantly decrease the final costs. Not only that they will save your money, but a good company will also invest in safety and insurance. They will help you in organizing, packing, and transferring from and to the port. After first agreeing, they should help you to start with preparing and packing. A good company will also help you when problems happen.

Do not forget other costs

International moving costs for 2022 could be higher than in previous years for changes that happened globally. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has faced a new level of insurance, security, and dangers. Since shipments have been stopped for months due to lockdown, and many shippers lost their clients and jobs, companies had to change their policies. You should expect new costs in this field, but also additional costs for medical insurance and fast shipping.

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