International moving checklist

International moving can be tough and complicated. There are things you need to do when you are moving locally, but you can crank it up to the next level if you are moving to another country. This is why a lot of people are scared of trying to move internationally. But there are some moving tips that you can use. There are guidelines and checklists that can help you. Organizing your move well and finding a professional international moving company, such as Kokusai Express, will help you ease the stress. This way, you will be prepared and have the resources you need for a successful move. In this article, find out what the most important things to keep in mind are.

International moving checklist – 90 days before the move

When moving internationally, you should start preparing at least 90 days before the move. This way, you will have ample time to organize all the paperwork (which can take some time), make your decisions about the things you are taking with you, and deal with all the little problems that may happen. First, you can start by booking your plane tickets and hotels. As the moving day approaches, the costs will only rise, so you should do this as soon as possible. If you have children, visit their schools and talk to the administrators. You will need transfer certificates, but make sure they give you all the information and forms you might need. If you have pets, you should also make sure what the pet regulations for both the flight and your destination are. Maybe they will need some more shots, or maybe you will need special authorizations to bring them over.

Papers on the table
If you have kids, make sure to start arranging the school transfer paperwork

This is also a great time to find good and reliable international moving companies. There are quite a few air freight forwarders in Japan, so make sure you take the whole process seriously. A good moving company will help you take stress off of your shoulders. Therefore, ensure to have enough time to research and pick the company that is trustworthy and that will suit your moving needs.

Preparation is key to international moving

You should also think about making a folder for all the paperwork you will need. Make sure everyone in your family has valid passports. Have a category for each family member and the forms they need, as well as other categories such as “flight documents” or “permits.” This will help you not lose anything important, and you will know which form you are missing when you sort everything out. Finally, think about what items and furniture you are taking with you and what stays. Check if it will be cheaper for you just to buy a new sofa or transport your own with international freight forwarding. After you have made your decision, call the moving companies and have representatives visit. Once you know what you will be taking with you, it will be easy for them to give you an estimate of the moving costs.

International moving checklist – 60 days before the move

Before you get to the final month in your old home, there are a couple of moving tips that you should keep in mind. First, get the medical records for every person in your family. Usually, these are valid for around 60 days, so you should have ample time to do it. Also, if something shows up on them, you will have time to get checked again. You can also use this time to get your insurance and see that all visa policies are in order. Remember that paperwork can sometimes take a few weeks, so it’s important to do it early in the international moving process. You should also cancel your newspaper and TV services and contact your post office about changing your address.

Credit cards
Before international moving, make sure to check if you would have to close your bank account

Next, go to your bank. Talk to them about moving abroad. If they do offer international services, check what the pros and cons are. If they do not offer their services to clients in another country, then you will need to close your account. Ask them detailed questions – you want to be well informed about your money when moving abroad. It is a nightmare being cut off from your account in a different country. This is the best time also to start selling the things that international air freight forwarders will not be transporting to your new home. You want just enough time for this because the sale process can sometimes be lengthy. Think about what you will do with your house – and put it up on the market if you are selling it. The same goes for your car and any bigger possessions you have. Having a garage sale at this point is also a good idea.

International moving checklist – 30 days before the move

Now, we are in that final 30-day stretch. By now, you should have a good international moving company that will help you avoid international shipping scams. You also have most of the paperwork done. There are just a couple of final touches to do and some bigger things to take care of as well. First, make sure you pay your bills. You should also consider leaving some money with a friend in case another bill pops up unexpectedly. You should also contact your service providers (like electricity, gas, water) to let them know about the move.

A woman packing for international moving
Start packing at least 30 days before your international moving day

After that, start getting packing material, and finally start packing. First, pack the things you don’t use often. You probably will not need them in the final month of your stay in your home. It’s an obvious thing, but pack last the things that you use daily. You can either do this yourself, have your movers do it, or do a part of the job. Talk to your moving company about this part of the move. When the moving day arrives, you should already have packed everything, and you should be ready to move when the truck arrives.

International moving checklist – 15 days before the move

With just 15 days left before your big international move, it’s crucial to research your new country. You’ll benefit greatly from knowing the local laws, culture, and customs. This knowledge will help you fit in and feel more at home quicker. How can you do this research effectively? Start with the country’s government website to learn about key laws. You might also check out reputable travel blogs or cultural websites. Don’t forget to review any travel advisories or safety tips.

A person typing on the laptop
it is crucial to research your new country

Language can often be a barrier when you move to a new country. But don’t worry. You can take steps to bridge this gap. Try learning some basic phrases or common expressions in the local language. Apps like Duolingo can be quite handy for this. Even a few sentences can go a long way in daily life. By taking these steps, you’ll set yourself up for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in your new country. Time spent learning now will pay off in the long run, making your international move easier.

International moving checklist – 7 days before the move

You’re just a week away from your cargo export and the international move. Now’s the time to focus on a critical task: preparing your personal essentials bag. This bag is vital because it holds the items you’ll need right when you arrive. Think of it as your go-to kit for the first day or two in your new country.

An essential bag
Do not forget to pack your essential bag that you will surely need during your first days in a new home

So, what should go in this bag? Definitely pack toiletries like toothpaste, a toothbrush, and soap. Include a set of clothes, so you have something fresh to wear. Important documents such as your passport, visa, and any necessary medical prescriptions should also be in this bag. Keep these items within easy reach to avoid stress later. In order to pack this bag effectively, opt for a bag that’s both sturdy and easy to carry. Use smaller pouches or zip-lock bags to separate different categories of items. Make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything.

International moving checklist – Moving day

Today is your big international moving day! While you may feel ready, there are a few last-minute things to consider for a smooth experience. Even if you have started your moving preparations on time, still it is crucial to double-check some important things that you will need on this big day:

  • Essential documents: Have a separate pouch for crucial papers like your passport, tickets, and travel insurance. Quick access to these will speed up processes like airport check-in.
  • Luggage check: Take a final look at your bags to make sure they meet airline restrictions for weight and size. Distribute items between bags if needed to avoid extra fees.
  • Snacks and hydration: Don’t forget to pack easy-to-eat snacks like granola bars and some water. Keeping your energy up during the move is important.

Before you lock up and leave, do a final sweep of your home. Turn off electrical appliances and secure all doors and windows. By focusing on these final details, you set the stage for a successful and stress-free moving day.

With good preparation, international moving can be a smooth process

Good preparation is the cornerstone of a successful international move. By focusing on tasks like researching your new country, setting a budget, and organizing your belongings, you set yourself up for a smoother transition. Remember also to pack an essentials bag for immediate needs and double-check everything on a moving day. These steps might seem simple, but they make a big difference in your overall international moving experience. Investing time and effort in preparing well not only minimizes stress but also allows you to start your new chapter on a positive note.

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