How to trim shipping and delivery costs

One of the biggest problems in the world of internet shopping is delivery fees. Ordering necessary items online has become a part of our everyday life in the modern-day. It is tempting to just click and wait for your purchases to arrive at your address. However, it can be rather troublesome when you’re expected to pay significantly more than you expected once your shipment has arrived and this is especially true if you are in some sort of business and your livelihood depends on the shipping policies. It is, therefore, crucial to know how to trim shipping and delivery costs and companies like Kokusai Express moving are here to help you with this.

Do your research

The first thing you should do is do research. It is important to be well-informed on all the possibilities when it comes to shipping. Make sure you have gone through every company’s website before you chose the right one for you. If you know other businesses who use the services of project cargo transport, make sure to ask them. It can be helpful if you get a reliable colleague or a friend to share their experiences.

Ship carrying cargo
Your business requires you to know how to trim shipping and delivery costs

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • The services company provides – make sure you decide on the service which works best for you. You might need someone to transport valuable equipment, heavy cargo or breakable and delicate items. Try to find someone who offers a wide range of services, so that you’ll have less to worry about. Some companies do your packing for you and others have their own carriers. Take advantage of these perks and you should also look for companies that have shipment tracking on their website because Knowing where your shipment is at all times will spare you a lot of stress along the way.
  • Insurance policies – accidents happen even with the best companies in the business. It is always a good idea to invest in the safety of your goods. Be prepared to pay a certain amount of money to avoid greater loss. Some companies charge a lot when it comes to insurance. You can always negotiate with different carriers to get the best price. It might be a good idea to seek out a cheaper solution. There are separate third-party companies that offer insurance for a much more acceptable fee.
  • Distances they commute between – This depends entirely on your needs. If your products have to be shipped abroad, look for moving services which carry long distance. That doesn’t mean that it would necessarily be easier to trim shipping and delivery costs in your region. Of course, this depends on what you’re transporting. You can take care of smaller items’ transportation yourself, but larger and heavier items should be left to the professionals. A good example of a carrier which will help you in your hour of need is moving service in Japan.
  • The price and discounts – it’s always possible to save a few extra pennies, you just have to be creative. Check for special offers on the carriers’ websites. You can get a two-for-one deal. You should also look for discounts based on associations. Sometimes you can get a lower shipping price if you’re a member of a certain unity. Think outside of the box and look for opportunities. Discount policies are updated daily and you should keep a lookout.

Trim shipping and delivery costs by bulk shipping

Try to ship as much as you can at once to trim shipping and delivery costs. It all comes back to having laid out a long-term plan. If you need items shipped all year long it might be smarter to create a strategy that will help you economize. Make a list of products you intend to either send or receive at the beginning of every month and then prioritize and decide which items are the most important. Items that are not needed right away can wait. Make a list of items for a certain period and ship them all together. Lots of companies charge shipping and delivery fees based on the amount of packaged and you can take advantage of it. It’s all business, after all.

truck driving
Economize, but don’t hesitate to pack it all together

Pack efficiently in order to spend less

You want to be as organized as you can. It’s good if you can plan the right way to pack efficiently.

 You should categorize items and put similar ones together. Heavy and large cargo should be packed and shipped together. Be extra careful about the most valuable and breakable items. While insurance might cover your loss, you don’t need the extra paperwork. Mark your delicate items and make sure the carriers know to take special care of them. Accidents will not only create extra costs, but it will slow your business and annoy your customers.

Economize carefully

It is a rule of thumb that you should try to reduce your packaging size as much as possible. Don’t use unnecessary large boxes for smaller items because it will affect the shipping fee.  Pay attention to the materials of the packing supplies you’re using. You can try to use lightweight boxes, but this might not always be possible. You want your items to arrive undamaged. However,  you don’t always need that extra layer of protection. Get rid of everything that weighs you down.

man practisting how to trim shipping and delivery costs
Try to be as efficient as possible

Good communication is crucial

It might not be the best idea to always use the same moving company. Shipping is a competitive business and there are always new opportunities for you to profit of the new deals they’re offering. That shouldn’t suggest that you can be rude about it. Good communication skills and common sense will take you a long way. Build a good relationship with your carriers and earn their trust. You’ll see that they will reciprocate. Use materials provided by them when packing. It will not only be cheaper, but it will also show that you trust them with your products. It’s also a good idea to spread the word if you’ve had a nice experience with a certain carrier. It will help them more than you can imagine and it can’t reflect badly on your business.

Teamwork is important!

Once you’ve figured out how to trim shipping and delivery costs, you should share this knowledge. Let the people you work with in on this strategy so that you can all work together. You will reach your goal easier with some help and this way, everyone will benefit from it.


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