How to Store Memorabilia When Moving Overseas

Moving overseas has many advantages; learning to store memorabilia is one of them. People would love to know which way is the best to keep them protected in one place. You and your family will travel long-distance, but your favorite items cannot travel with you at the moment. On the other hand, you are not sure how to protect them from damage or loss. Choosing a professional moving service in Japan can help. If you have doubts, you should rely on professional help.

The hardest in protecting stuff is to find storage that could save your things from damaging and stealing. However, many of the family memories are nothing than photos or documents. Thieves will hardly lose their time and effort to steal something that has no value. However, you should protect your items from dust, humidity, and heat. It is more important to find storage that has adequate protection from everyday problems. The first, however, should be your effort to protect items in storage.

There are a lot of unusual things that you should consider if want to store memorabilia

You do not need to store memorabilia, consider taking with you

It is for sure that you will much easier resolve this problem if you choose to take your memories with you. You will make the same effort to protect them, and indeed spend the same amount of money. However, it is way more dangerous for your stuff. You cannot control every part of shipping, and waiting for the property could be stressful. So, it would help if you made a decision using both sides’ arguments.

  • Photos are usually part of our family memories, so you should pay attention to how to protect them adequately;
  • If you have documents, you should put them in plastic and protect them from humidity, water, and dust;
  • Although not every family have antiques, they are costly and valuable – so learn how to store memorabilia that worth more than ordinary pieces we have in the house;
  • Many families do not consider furniture as an expensive and valuable family memory, but there are pieces of furniture that are sensitive and valuable;
  • Family memorabilia could be extensive and take much more space than ordinary stuff – maybe you will need to hire a company that organizes project cargo shipping.

Estimate the value

Maybe you feel family memorabilia is very expensive and valuable for you, but you should estimate precisely how expensive it is. In most cases, companies will offer you the best price for storing your items. They will not make calculations on how costly or valuable your items are. However, you should prepare your items for keeping in storage longer than is usual. If you need the advice of a professional company, Kokusai Express Moving will help you.

Consider donating

Although those are your precious items, you should not store them in any case. Maybe you will not need those chairs, or the drawer is too old, so you will need to renovate for a high price. In those cases, you should consider donating or selling the items rather than storing them. No matter where you need to transport your items, you can rely on companies that organize domestic moving. They have trucks and workers that can help you.


You should protect your items, but it is not enough. When having things that are valuable and sensitive, you should pay much more attention to them. The best way is to have insurance, which will help in situations when you cannot control the safety.

It is crucial to store memorabilia in the right place

Not only that, you should protect your items from damage, you should choose storage that you will be able to visit and check frequently. Also, it would help if you had the right equipment and packing supplies. The most important is to make a list of the items you will put there and make sure they are adequately packed.

Talk with family

You should prepare for this problem seriously. It includes the family and their emotions. For children, it could be very stressful and sad. They will separate from their most essential parts of their lives. So, firstly talk with them and explain how the whole procedure will look like.

Old photos
You should talk with the family when store old items – some of them are precious

Wardrobe and sports equipment

Although it should not be significant memorabilia, it is a part of their past and lives for some families. Some families love to keep old children’s wardrobe or the first pair of skis they have used. So, although they are not expensive, families will spend a fortune to protect them.


You surely know that antiques are costly, and in most cases, you will spend a fortune to protect them. It is essential to learn about the primary care of antique furniture. You will have basic knowledge about protection. You will easily prepare for storing the memorabilia without the fear of damages.

Store memorabilia so you can protect it properly

It is for sure that you will not be able to protect your items without proper equipment and supplies. Although you could have boxes and plastic, protecting the sensitive items is more than putting into the boxes. You should rely on professionals in that part and make sure that you have covered all aspects. In most cases, you will need at least advice on how to store expensive and valuable items.


It is the first step in preparing the items for storage. It would help if you learned to separate furniture into pieces that will be protected from damage. It will also help in packing and storing since pieces take much less space. However, do not forget that you need to learn how to declutter the furniture and correctly use the right tool.

Protect from dust and damages

Although you will store the items for a long time, they’re always could happen problems. You can damage them or collect dust after a while. So, firstly learn how to keep your pieces protected from those problems.

Cups and glasses
Many of family memories are fragile and very sensitive

Check frequently

It is essential to check your items from time to time, even if you store memorabilia in the short term. In case that you will travel or move to another city, you should name a person that will do it instead of you. In that way, you will know the stage, possible damages, and problems during the storage.


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