How to start anew in Japan?

If you are about to start anew in Japan, you will need to know more and inform before starting. Apparent from pandemic and lockdown, the economic crisis, and other worldwide problems, life continues in every segment. People travel, change their jobs and change their places of living. One of the changes you can make is moving to Japan for a living. It is not that difficult and could be a very interesting process. As you may consider, you will need to learn more about the country, regulations, and other details. Follow our concise guidance and ensure that you have properly prepared for this process. When it comes to moving, choose the best company in this field, Kokusai Express Japan, and avoid stress and delays.

What do you need to know before starting anew in Japan?

It is important to learn about the culture in Japan before choosing to move there. Not only that you will need to inform about the living and culture, but you should also learn about the customs and holidays in Japan. The most important is to prepare for the cultural differences which could be significant.

Japanese culture
You should learn more about this country to start anew in Japan

Learn language

Knowing how Japanese looks is difficult, but it is good to learn at least a basic language before starting anew in Japan. You will be able to understand information, ask people for important details, and adapt faster. It will also help you hire more professional international movers Japan to help relocate. The most important is to find a good teacher or school that will not bore you with unnecessary grammar and rules. You will have time to improve your language later; it’s time to prepare for daily obligations.

Inform about the legal requirements

Although living in another country should be simple, you must learn basic regulations before moving. Maybe you will need a visa and work allowance or have to rent an apartment for the first days. You should rely on professional overseas moving companies for moving, and they will prepare all necessary documents. On the other hand, starting a new life in Japan could be challenging if you do not know the basic regulations.

Find an apartment or house

If you are planning to start anew in Japan, you surely have plans to find a house to live in. However, you will need much more time for it; for now, you cannot organize it properly. So, find a simple resolution for the first time. You can use the internet and sites to rent a simple, small, and cheap place for your first days in Japan. In case you have too many items to pack, warehouse services Japan will temporarily resolve your problems. It will relax you before moving and help in organizing life. After a couple of months, you can look for a better living place.

First days in Japan

The first days in a different country could be very stressful. You are alone, surrounded by strangers, and confused by many rules and recommendations. However, you should follow simple guidelines and the steps for adapting to the new life. Make sure that you understand the importance of following regulations; it will save your time and nerves.

It is easy to adapt to Japnese cuisine

You must register

When you come to Japan, you have to register and get a temporary ID. They have something called Zairyu Card, specially made for strangers, which is an ID for Japan. It is also a replacement for the passport and the first document you will get here. Registration is simple, and you can do it in City Hall in every city and you can learn more about how to get Zairyu Card.

Health insurance

After moving and starting anew in Japan, the travel insurance you had when traveling to Japan is not worth it anymore. You will need to pay special Japanese insurance for these purposes. Health insurance in Japan is a co-payment. You will need to pay monthly income; after providing a health service, you pay 30% of the bill. If you work in Japan, your company will pay for your insurance, but while you still do not have a job, you need to register with National Health Insurance and pay for yourself.

Learn what you are buying

It could be significantly confusing buying at stores in Japan for many reasons. Aside from the obvious problem with the language, they have ingredients, fruit, and vegetables completely different from those in the Western world. You will need to learn more about them before starting anew in Japan, or you will have very unpleasant surprises. If you are not sure, you can ask friends, neighbors, or people at the store to help you.

How to adapt to new life

Finally, you have survived the first days and accepted all changes. However, if you want to start anew in Japan, you must adapt to the culture and daily life. On the one hand, it could be scary but challenging; on the other, it is very difficult for strangers.

They are technology geeks

You surely know that people in Japan love technology and do not lose the opportunity to use it whenever they can. It could make your life much harder, especially in the home. Their machines in their homes are completely different from other countries. You literally have to be a technology geek to understand all those commands and phrases. Luckily, they have given it on the internet, so you can find it easily.

Japanese ring
There are great fun things to do in Japan

Learn about the dressing code

Japanese people have a very serious dress code you must follow when going to the job. Since they have unspoken but strict fashion rules, it is good to inform about them before moving. In case you come to work dressed differently, nothing will happen, but you can have serious troubles adapting to the new situation. After all, if you are willing to start anew in Japan, you will need to learn it as soon as possible.

They have special rules in everyday life

Japanese people are friendly and open to the new culture, but they do not show it in the same way as other people. You will need to get their trust before they become warm to you. Also, they do not like friendly behavior, standing too close to them during the conversation, and a million other things you should know. If you want to show your good manners, and adapt to this culture, try to learn as much as possible. You will start anew in Japan properly and not have troubles later.


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