How To Simplify The Unpacking Process

Everybody who has organized moving recently has asked how to simplify the unpacking process. We know how hard it is to unpack the boxes after the stressful and physically demanding moving process. However, it starts much earlier than you may think. It would help if you started with it during the packing of the boxes. Boxes packed for cargo export are sealed and protected, but they must follow proper packing procedures.

In most cases, you will be much more comfortable to organize the whole job when making an inventory list. It is the best way to manage your relocation even if you have not packed the boxes. Thanks to the list, you will have a clue how much stuff you have and prepare enough packages. Finally, the inventory list and a system of packing will make the unpacking process more comfortable.

A dog in a box
You should make a plan and inventory list before moving

Pack in the way to simplify the unpacking process

Easy unpacking starts with packing. It is obvious, and that easy. It would help if you did not wait for the last moment to unpack your stuff. It is much easier to make a plan, a system of packing, and label boxes. After that, packing and unpacking will take much less time. It has many other benefits. You will not lose that much time for protection. It is easier to choose things, and you will throw it away.

  • Get rid of stuff before packing – professionals recommend to make piles when packing things so as you take the wardrobe from the closet put in one of them;
  • Time is significant when packing boxes – if you hurry, you will pack boxes without a system and lose the opportunity to unpack them quickly;
  • There are a lot of reasons why you would like to simplify the unpacking process – money should be one of them since you will not take too many days off from work for unpacking;
  • No matter which moving service Japan use, you can choose to move without a lot of boxes – they will recommend the ways that will not demand too many packages for it;
  • Safety should always be in the first place – however, packing fewer boxes is still the right way to have all the eye packages.

Make an inventory list

Firstly, you should make a plan for packing and then an inventory list. It should not have all items that you have in the house. However, you should put all the essential stuff and classify it by usage and room. In that way, international movers Japan will much easier pack and protect your boxes. Also, you will have time for packing when you have a system and organization.

Hire packing company

Maybe you have doubts about hiring a packing company. Many people believe that using companies for these purposes is expensive. However, do not worry about it. Companies usually have low prices for more straightforward jobs. You can also use a warehouse in Japan to leave stuff for a while if your packing takes too long.

Get rid of things

Most people believe that packing is the most challenging process because of too much stuff we usually have there. They are right, but you can change it. The best is to organize a garage sale or to donate. You will make somebody happy and still have time for packing.

The organization is vital if you want to simplify the unpacking process

It would help if you prepared for unpacking like for any other job. However, when having a good organization, the whole job will take much less time. Also, you will have a good view of the process when you know where to start with. So, do not hesitate even to write on the paper steps that you have planned for it.

Old boxes
There are ways of packing that will not ruin your stuff inside

Label boxes

You cannot quickly unpack stuff if you do not have a clue where items belong. So, it would help if you made labels that will be visible and easy for understanding. No matter which system you have used for packing, it will make the process simpler. If pack boxes with children, you can ask them to draw their boxes. Or, use a labeling system by numbers.

Pack by rooms

For most of the people packing by rooms is the easiest way to organize packing. The reason is the different types of stuff in places. So, you will fill your children’s room differently than the kitchen. It saves time and resources, too.

Make a plan of unpacking

Although you have an inventory list and the plan of packing, you should make the plan of unpacking, too. It is not the same if you unpack the kitchen or living room firstly. Also, it will save you from problems with losings items and issues with damages items, too.

Control packing

Even if you hire a company to help you with packing, you should control that process. The reason is the stress that new things could make. You should have time to organize it and not spend too long on packing itself.

Simplify the unpacking process

Finally, after arriving, you should start with the unpacking. Professionals recommend starting as soon as possible. If you delay unpacking, it will be harder and takes much longer. However, people wait for things that they find uncomfortable and challenging. So, make your process of unpacking simpler, and you will end it quickly.

A pile of small boxes
If you have a proper box with a good labeling system unpacking will be easier

Unpack as you arrive

It would help if you did not wait too long with unpacking, no matter how hard it looks. For most people, it is the most challenging job. If we know that you will need time for the new job, school, and organization, we could imagine how hard it is. However, you will have much less time later, even if you do not think like that.

Firstly unpack large items

Although you may need to unpack small items and wardrobe, you should empty the largest items first. You will spend much less time on it but still resolve the biggest problem. Also, you will easily make a layout in new rooms when we put the largest item there.

Do not lose time on repairing

You may feel disappointed when unpacking furniture and find out that some parts loosen. However, do not repair it now. Put it in the corner and learn how to repair your furniture. You will have time later. It is the best way to simplify the unpacking process.


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