How to ship small packages overseas?

Running your business internationally is a challenging mission. One of the main reasons why this could be a complex task is transportation issues. Whether you are shipping project cargo or need to ship small packages overseas, there is always so many things to think about. There is no doubt, you will need to balance multiple factors. Besides the costs you need to think of, you will need to think about packaging, transportation. And mainly, you will need to take care of the safety of your cargo. In this article, our moving, shipping, and logistics experts will talk about the issues of shipping your small packages internationally. For that reason, we will mention LTL which is one of the many ways to transport small packages. Will this be an ideal option for your small packages? Let’s find out together!

Choose the best way to ship small packages overseas

In case you did not know, LTL is the transportation of mostly small package freight and there are, of course, many alternatives to it. If you choose LTL transportation, your shipment will be placed in packages in a non-damaging space. Although this is a way to reduce the costs of shipping, this will provide safety to your goods or products. Further, when you want to ship small packages, you will need to choose between the small parcel one or the small package freight. How you will opt for the option that works for you better? Take the advice from our Kokusai Express Japan specialists and consider factors such as the weight and the size of your small package, urgency, and destination where your package goes.

Woman looking for a way to ship small packages overseas
You will need to choose from a few ways to ship small packages overseas.

And when we are talking about the destination, you will need more than ground transport options to ship your small packages overseas. So, to ship your small packages overseas, you will need to opt for sea or air freight forwarders. Keep reading a find out all you want to know about air and sea freight shipping your small packages internationally.

Ship your package by air or sea

Although this could be the most expensive transportation method, there are many benefits when choosing to ship small packages overseas by air freight forwarders. First of all, this is one of the most reliable ways to ship your cargo or small package. Secondly, air transport Japan is the fastest way to get the package you want to the location in the other part of the world. So, if you need urgent shipping this will be a perfect solution for you. But what if you are sending your small package to a place where no airport nearby? Don’t worry, we will connect your shipment and combine other transportation options to deliver it to the wanted address. Still, make sure to consider the sort of your shipment if you want to ship small packages overseas by air. Don’t risk breaking restrictions, this will lead to serious expenses.

Cargo plane in the air
Air transport is the most efficient one.

If you decide to ship small packages overseas by sea transport, there will also be needed to consider certain factors. Although this is the cheapest way to transport your shipment to Europe, the United States of America, or any other part of the world, it will take a long time. However, if your shipment is not urgent, this is a solution for you.

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