How to relocate your IT equipment

Moving an office can be a real hassle. You realize that you have to pack years-worth collections of papers, trinkets, desk decorations, etc. But the most nail-biting thing is packing and transferring your technology and making sure everything comes in one piece. You’re in luck because at Kokusai Express Moving, we make sure that you get the best service possible and that your office comes intact to its new location. Your job is to make the call, and we will relocate your IT equipment for you.

Sort your IT equipment

Although it’s good to bring everything with you, relocating your office can be the right time for a technology update. Sort out which gadgets are fine to use, which one you can sell or donate, and which one you can upgrade. After that, you will know what items are the most valuable and usable in your new office. Now, the only thing left is to transfer them to a new location, but that’s the job of the experts of project cargo transportation. 

colleagues sitting in their new office after relocating your IT equipment
After relocating your IT equipment, get settled in your new office quickly and easily with Kokusai Express Moving.

Don’t forget anything!

One of the most stressful parts of moving an office is the process of packing. IT equipment cannot function without a part missing, so you need to ensure that you don’t forget to pack something. Here is a quick list which you can use to check if you brought everything you need with you:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Computer Tower
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Phone and its Ethernet Cable
  • Printers and Other Equipment

Hire an IT technician

IT equipment is fragile, and it needs professionals working on it from start to finish. We can offer a safe relocation of your equipment, but before that, an IT professional should disconnect the cables and install new systems. The equipment needs to be ready on your first day at work at a new location, so you must correctly assemble both the hardware and software.

Back up your data before you relocate your IT equipment

Your office data is as valuable as your equipment. Before you even begin planning your move, it’s best to back up all of your data to make sure that everything will be in place (virtually) when you arrive. With a simple click of a mouse, your data will be all set up in your new office.

man labeling the moving boxes before relocating his IT equipment
Putting labels on your moving boxes before relocating your IT equipment saves up so much time when unpacking.

Label all of the packing boxes

Your daily business routine needs to be back to normal on the first day after the move. To get settled as soon as possible, you should label all of the packing boxes beforehand. This way, all employees will know which computer is theirs and be done with unpacking quickly.

Hire professional movers

Last but certainly not least – arrange your office relocation with one of the best moving services in Japan. Give us a call and get started on your new business journey today!


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