How to relocate internationally with pets?

It’s always better to move abroad with good company. If your plus one on this adventure is your pet, there are quite a few things you should pay attention to. If you’re wondering how to relocate internationally with pets, we’re here to go through a few needed steps and guide you through the process in hopes to make it easier for you and your pet. Most overseas moving companies advise that you save time and money for this process as it’s not as simple as it may seem.

Find out how to relocate internationally with pets

Different people might offer different answers when you ask them how to relocate internationally with pets. However, pet relocation companies are your best choice. How does it work? This process is pretty easy to understand. A relocation agency you have chosen to relocate your pet would come to your address and pick up your pet or pets. Then, after being picked up, pets are transferred to the departure airport. Pets are checked in at the airport and cleared through customs on arrival. After all that, company employees deliver pets to their new homes where their owners are waiting for them.

Cat looking through a window of her bag
Pet relocation companies are probably the best answer when wondering how to relocate internationally with pets.

The pet relocation company that you’ve hired carries certain responsibilities. They must carefully review all the import and export documents. The company has to keep you posted about the whole process and how exactly is your pet being moved. They normally offer detailed information about how to relocate internationally with pets. Most reliable pet movers are usually members of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

Is there any risk when relocating your pets overseas?

It’s important to keep in mind that even though you are working with professionals, there are certain risks that they do not control. You should consult a veterinarian or a pet relocation specialist about your pet’s possible travels. It’s not easy or recommended for all pets to be with you when you’re moving overseas. An example of this is old dogs or cats. Handling this type of relocation can be very hard for them.

Kitten being scared because it was not trained
Both you and your pet/pets need to learn about how to relocate online with pets, they need training and you should patiently teach them.

Anxious pets are another example. Not training and preparing your pet for this could lead them to injuries during the transport. This happens when anxious pets go through anxiety attacks because of the small space they are in without their owner. Some pets have very delicate respiratory systems which make it dangerous for them to fly. A common breed that’s exposed to this risk is the snub nosed dogs. Kokusai Express Japan recommends that if you own an English bulldog or a pug, you better think about this some more.

Why hire a company to relocate your pets?

You have for sure heard horrific stories about pets being moved overseas. Well, most of those stories come from owners who decided that they will take their pets travels into their own hands. Not looking for assistance when relocating internationally with your pets can be fatal. Pet relocation companies make sure they provide the best conditions possible when moving pets.

When the owner is doing the pet move on their own, they might make a mistake. Traveling with your pet during hot summer or cold winter can be stressful for them. Not with pet relocation companies, because they make sure they fly with airlines who keep spaces climatized and comfortable for the pets. International movers Japan strongly recommend you to research IPATA and find the best company for your pet’s move.

A woman with her pet dog while wondering how to relocate internationally with pets
Even though you know your pet best, professional pet relocation companies might be a safer option in this situation.

Make sure you keep you and your pets safe during this overseas move. We hope you’re more familiar with how to relocate internationally with pets after reading his article. We wish you and your best furry friend happy and safe travels. It will be a lot of fun when you meet again in your new home overseas! 


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