How to reduce your fine art shipping costs

Most of the time people have a lot of problems when it comes to the shipping costs of their fine art! Either it is with the price of the crates, special conditions, etc! In our article, you can read more about the easy ways to reduce your fine art shipping costs! That way you will know you can save some money on shipping without having to make any extra cust in the packing process!

Reduce your fine art shipping costs by knowing more about your art piece

There are many ways you can reduce your fine art shipping costs, but they won’t all work with every art piece you are transporting! Because of that, you have to think about your items before shipping them! Starting with:

  • What kind of material are they made off
  • To they require special conditions to transport
  • Do you have to make some pre-packing preparations
person painting and learning more about the ways to reduce your fine art shipping costs
Reduce your fine art shipping costs by knowing more about your artwork

These small but very important things can mean a lot when you want to reduce your fine art shipping costs. And they can easily be avoided if you have a good exhibition cargo Japan crew at your side ready to transport your items!

Get your own crates and packing supplies

One easy way to cut the cost of your fine art transportation is to get your own packing supplies and crates! What you can do is get a good wooden crate that can provide your artwork with a lot of protection it will need during transportation! It is for the best if you get newer wooden crates! Because they will surely remain intact during transportation!  If that is something you find too hard to do, then you can always count on project cargo to do it for you! Simply, leave everything to reliable movers and packers to finish everything about your relocation!

wooden crates
Wooden crates provide the best protection during the transport

Prepare your artwork for transportation by yourself

One of the biggest costs when it comes to artwork shipping is the preparation process! Most of the time, people do not know how to properly take care of art before shipping it! If you figure that one out, you will cut the cost of your fine art shipping! Because others won’t charge you for that pre-packing process!

a man taking care of his artwork
Make sure to learn how to take care of your artwork before shipping

Can you disassemble it

Sometimes artwork can be disassembled in order to be safely transported to another place! This way you will protect each part separately and provide it with enough packing protection that will lase throughout the travel! If you can’t do it, then there are other ways to ship heavy items you can know more about!

You can use these simple tricks to reduce your fine art shipping costs with ease! They are here to help you and guide you through your packing process and figure out how to cut the cost of your fine art shipping! We hope you got the idea on how to do it properly!

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