How to redesign your Kyoto home after moving

Most people who relocated before know that packing and transporting your belongings is just half of the work. Arguably, the more important and challenging task is setting up your new home. But, don’t despair. We at Kokusai Express Japan are always here to help. Use these tips to redesign your Kyoto home after moving in a stress-free and fun way. Now, the time is right to get to the point.

The ultimate guide on how to redesign your Kyoto home after moving

There isn’t a single way or a set of rules to perfectly redesign your home. However, you can do a lot to make your living space a pleasant and welcoming environment for your family. Most important thing is to keep calm and think logically when following the steps in this guide. With a cool head, positive attitude, and some of our expert advice you won’t be able to wait to show it to others. About Kyoto, it’s a beautiful and historic city in the center of Japan. Filled with culture, tradition, art, and great food, it will make you fall in love with it in a heartbeat. Let’s get to the first tip.

A beatiful street in Kyoto, Japan.
Kyoto is a beautiful city and a wonderful location for a move.

Consider your budget

We strongly advise you to start with getting your finances in check. Spending money is very easy once all the work begins. Keep in mind any potential cargo export services or other similar expenses. Take into account costs of painting, new or second-hand furniture, decorations, etc. Always try to keep some cash in case something unpredictable happens to save yourself from a headache. Furthermore, if you plan to employ professionals to do all or part of the job for you, that will incur additional costs. Don’t forget to get some spare supplies. That will spare you from taking another trip to the mall.

Organize in advance

Preparation and planning are key to a successful home redesign. Naturally, the earlier your start organizing the better. Many people skip this step completely, and it often proves to be a huge mistake. However, one shouldn’t get carried away, as it can get too stressful. Also, planning takes time, so patience is of the essence. Here are some steps you should consider to make your new place feel like home:

  • clean everything up before any major work
  • repaint or touch up your walls or ceilings if needed
  • make use of the furniture you already have
  • make use of all kinds of plants
  • decorate with books and pictures
  • a final tip on how to redesign your Kyoto home after moving – make good use of space

Clean up everything

Once you have a plan ready, time is to get your hands dirty. Everything is easier when your apartment is completely clean of dust, material, boxes, furniture, etc. Therefore, we advise you to wait with bringing in the furnishings if possible. By making sure things are in order you don’t have to constantly move everything no matter what task you’re doing. Any furnishings and other possessions that aren’t used often or you don’t need anymore should be sold or donated. All members of the family can help with the clean-up process. It can be a fun bonding activity for kids.

Painting - a great way to redesign your Kyoto home after moving.
Repainting is a great way to redesign your Kyoto home after moving.

Repaint walls and ceiling

Of course, if your new apartment or house already looks good on the inside, you can skip this part. However, now is your opportunity to choose the colors you always wanted for your walls or ceiling. Even better, you can experiment a bit and come up with something that will make everyone jealous. Either way, this is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to remodel your Kyoto home after relocating.

Use furniture that you already have first

Before you go on a shopping spree, be realistic and try to make us of whatever furnishings you already have. Everything doesn’t have to come from a matching set. On the contrary, having furniture of different colors, textures and shapes is a modern approach to design in many places. If you’re coming from other countries, consider the services of overseas shipping companies to bring your old furniture to your new home. Especially, if it has a great sentimental or monetary value.

Make use of plants to remodel your Kyoto home after relocating

It’s not uncommon to see a lack of living decorations in many homes. House plants are very underrated and can offer a lot to any environment. Mainly, they bring freshness, color, and clean air to the rooms they are placed in. Some plants don’t require much care and are perfect for busy people. Keep in mind that they do need a certain amount of sunlight, and a certain temperature during winter to survive. You should research which local plants are perfect for you.

Use your space in a smarter way

It’s always a great idea to try to maximize your space. Not only will your home seem bigger and more inviting, but you will have more room for your nonessential things. For example, you could fit in another bookshelf, art, a desk for studying or work from home and much more. One of the best ways to achieve this task is to utilize corners. So, remember to keep an open mind when choosing new furniture and decorations. You would be surprised how much difference efficiently placed furniture makes.


Moving boxes full of things are sitting in a new apartment.
Good organization and planning are great ways to make your redesigning easier.

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Now that you made it to the end of the guide, you should know how to redesign your Kyoto home after moving. By following these tips you can be sure to have a fun, exciting, and stress-free relocation. We at international movers Japan are always here to help and feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions. We are always ready to help in any way possible. Our professional team of movers will make your relocation a stress-free, quick and exciting experience.


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