How to Prevent Package Theft

It is very important to prevent package theft. Even though we do not expect it, it happens often. However, there is no need to be afraid of that situation, as there are many ways to prevent it. Currently, there are a few typical situations when our packages happen to disappear.

  • When waiting for trucks – that is why is important to ask association for advice on the best moving company;
  • During traveling when your packages are not with you;
  • If unknown people help – we all know that scenario – neighbors, family, and friends help with boxes so it is hard to prevent package theft;
  • The theft could happen in warehouses that are not well-monitored;
  • After moving, when workers from the moving company leave boxes in the yard.

Even though this is a common situation, you can do everything you can to prevent it. Make sure that you know your moving company’s workers. It is not harmful to consult a moving company for help.

A man in a business suit pointing to the word competence.
Make sure to find a reliable and competent moving company.

Moving preparation

As always, a good plan is the first step when moving. This actually prevents package theft. If you have a plan, you will know where your boxes are in every moment. You will prevent moving scams that are common during last-minute moving. Also, get to know the workers in a moving company and their behavior.

Find a reputable moving company

You should consult a Japan logistics company that is reliable before moving. Avoid all possible scams. It is especially important during overseas moving. You should know how long the company has existed and how long has it worked. Ask for testimonials, and find previous clients.

Consider taking an insurance policy

It is always good to take good insurance. That will not prevent package theft, but it could cover possible damage after that. That is especially important when talking about global forwarding. On the other hand, it is good that a moving company knows that you are insured. They will be more careful.

Be careful when searching for a warehouse

It is obvious that using a using warehouse Japan that is safe is the first step when moving. There are many ways to find a protected warehouse. Check the internet and forums for advice. You should ask previous users and clients if that is possible. Always check if they have video monitoring, security service, good light, and access. Do not hesitate to ask for everything that seems unusual.

Protect your identity

One of the possible problems when moving is the infamous identity theft. In order to prevent that from happening, rip up all papers and mail with information about you. It includes name, social security number, and address.

Protecting credit cards to avoid package theft.
There is much to lose if you are not careful.

Prevent package theft of moving day

The most stealing happens during the moving day. It is the obvious way. People leave their boxes without monitoring and controlling. All our belongings are in the hands of the workers from the moving company. Even though moving companies worry about reputation, theft happens.

Be careful when labeling

It is always important to label boxes when moving. However, clever labeling could prevent package theft. The key is in not writing exactly what is in the boxes. You should write “kitchen” on the box. You can simply write heavy lift cargo, without explanation, too. Make sure that nobody has a clue about the value of the items in the boxes.

Label boxes with colors and numbers

You do not need to mark which room are items from, as a matter of fact. Use your own system for labeling. You can use a different color for every room, for example. On the other hand, you can mark every room with a number. You can use numbers for the value of the items inside of the boxes. The key for those labels you should keep protected in phone or mail.

Tips for preventing stealing when moving

There are still a few small things that you should know when moving. They are small, indeed, but could be crucial in preventing package theft.

Put fewer valuable items on top of the boxes

This should be obvious, but people forget about that. Do never put valuable items on the top of the boxes. In order to prevent package theft, make sure that valuable things are hidden. They should be in the corner or behind larger boxes. In that way, it makes possible stealing harder. On the other hand, put all valuable small items in a small bag or box. It should be with you during moving. Usually, people steal prescriptions and medicine, jewelry and original perfumes. If you have one of these things, take them with you when moving.

Use only non-seethrough paper and boxes

It is best if you can use a newspaper for wrapping the items. Unfortunately, it could lose the color and damage items inside of the boxes. However, prevent package theft by using a paper. It will hide what is inside of the boxes. Especially use that for plastic boxes.

Dark paper on a desk with flowers.
Use dark paper to hide the contents of the boxes.

Do not say what is inside of the boxes to your movers

You have an obligation to say to your movers if there is something fragile in boxes. However, prevent package theft and do not say exactly what is inside. They should know only important things. Point out if something is breakable and nothing more.

Take before/after photos

In order to prevent package theft, make photos of packages. You will be able to know if boxes are opened. It could be important after moving. In case you find that something is missing or damaged, you will have proof.

Include as many people as possible in moving

We already said that there will be a lot of people in your moving included. However, take control and bring your people. It means that you should ask family and friends to keep eye on the moving process. They will control workers, but also other people that are there. However, it will show that you have protection. That will surely deter a possible thief. If you hire the moving company to pack your boxes, you should be even more careful. Make sure that you are watching literally every move they make. That should prevent package theft.

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