How to prepare your pet for moving to a new continent

Moving to a new home is a stressful occasion, even when the reason for it is a good one. There are so many things that you need to do, that it can really feel overwhelming at times. If you are moving internationally, for instance, moving from Japan to the United States, things are definitely going to be even more complex, and consequently even more stressful. However, for us as human beings, these experiences are not nearly as stressful as they can be for our pets. That is why, when preparing for a move with a pet, it is paramount to pay special attention to them. That is why we have singled out a couple of tips to help prepare your pet for moving to a new continent. 

Carefully research all the regulations regarding pets in the target country

This is a big one. Every country has different regulations regarding importing pets. That is why, no matter where you may be moving to, you need to prepare for all options. Some countries require that your pet is microchipped (though they should be microchipped anyway). Others follow different guidelines when it comes to vaccines. Some countries do not allow certain animal types whatsoever. 

How to prepare your pet for moving to a new continent? Do your research first
Some countries do not allow certain animal species, so make sure your pet is not one of those

Just imagine the horror of arriving at the airport of your new country, and they tell you that your pet cannot pass. That is definitely not a situation you want to be with your dog. So, this is basically the same situation as when you are working on an international freight forwarding project. Simply, check and double-check all the applied rules with the consulate of the country that you are moving to.

To prepare your pet for moving to a new continent, talk to your pet’s veterinarian

Moving to a new home impacts various aspects of your pet’s life, and one of them can potentially be their health. Take your little friend for a check-up with the veterinarian. Then talk about the place you are moving to and the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s health is safe and stable. They will also be able to assist with the health requirements of the target country. Furthermore, they will be able to provide you with some solutions regarding calming down your pet. Long flights can be quite exhausting for them, so some anti-anxiety medication may be just the thing your pets need. 

cat and dog on a sofa
Different animals may require different vaccines in different countries

Don’t just prepare all the documents, but also prepare the pet

Passports for pets are not news. Some other documents may also be needed, as we have already mentioned above. But it is also important to prepare your pet mentally. Start getting them used to spend some time in their crate. Some pets may need a lot of time, so it is very important to start early with this. Make it a safe haven for them. Make it a normal, everyday part of life where they can feel safe and calm.

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