How to prepare your home for a video moving estimate?

It is an important question when to prepare your home for a video moving estimate and why it is essential to do it. Modern times have many different needs and obligations, so preparing for the virtual move is only one of them. However, it is crucial if you want to avoid problems with packing, lack of equipment and packing material, and estimating the price of moving. The company can also use this method to check how many workers they need and the needs for the larger vehicle. If a company has chosen to organize moving estimates this way, you should be careful and learn how to prepare a home. Professionals from Kokusai Express Japan will surely help in this process.

Prepare your home for a video moving estimate properly

Although you will need help, there are a lot of things you can do alone. In this case, you do not need to be a professional photographer. Make sure all is visible on camera and adequately packed.

You do not need to have professional equipment to prepare your home for a video moving estimate

Charge your device

Nowadays, it will hardly happen to have a low battery on the device, but keep in mind that a video tour takes some time. Since it is a virtual tour in real-time, you will need a device with a full battery. Also, you will need to have a battery for no expected problems. Professional international movers in Japan usually ask for additional photos or to make a walk through the room, which will take longer time than you have planned.

Gather all you can in one place

Companies do not watch your packages and boxes but also rooms and the entry to your home. However, you must show boxes, furniture, and other unique items. That way, making a precise video moving estimate Japan is possible. To avoid mistakes and shorten the time of filming, you should gather all you can in one place so that the company can have a precise stage.

How to prepare technical conditions?

You are not a professional, and your movers will not expect to be precise and technically informed enough to tape a professional movie. More likely, they would love to estimate the space and items you have quickly, and perhaps they can choose an additional moving service Japan. It is easy to prepare your home for a video moving estimate when you know what to pay attention to.

Open all doors, drawers, and closets

You will surely need to walk through the home when filming a video, but it is not enough this time. It is important to represent all required to understand what the house looks like. In this case, you will need to learn what to prepare for a better video.

  • Open all drawers, closets, and doors so people on the other side can estimate the space;
  • Make sure that you will prepare your home for a video moving estimate after you have cleaned all;
  • Avoid dark places, corners, and spaces below the stairs, and take all of the light before the video call.
Video call
It is important to light each room before the video call

Prepare light and sound properly

Although you are not a professional, you can learn a little about making videos. You should prepare light properly and keep the sound low. For those on the other side of the camera, you should have a good view of the room. Learn how to use lightroom before video call. You may need to turn the lights or open the windows for a clear view. Prepare your home for a video estimate as a professional.


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