How to prepare vehicles for shipping

When moving internationally, most people usually bring only their suitcase. However, if they’re moving to a new country permanently, most people would like to brink their entire household with them. Shipping large and heavy furniture might seem difficult. But can you name something bigger and heavier to ship? This would be your car and the other vehicles. You might think it is impossible to ship your car internationally. However, if you prepare well in advance, anything is possible. You can enjoy driving your favorite car in your new country. In order to achieve this, here is how you should prepare vehicles for shipping. 

Prepare vehicles for shipping by finding a good shipping company 

You can organize a do-it-yourself move. However, you cannot ship your car on your own, especially internationally. You need to get professional help. This means hiring international shipping companies, such as Kokusai Express Japan. How to find a good shipping company? First of all, you can ask your friends and family for some recommendations. Then, if this option is not available for you, then you can search for one on the Internet. Pick at least three to five shipping companies. Then, make sure to read a couple of reviews about their services. This is extremely important if you plan to ship your car. The reason is simple. Vehicles are quite expensive and even repairing all the damage caused by the transport will be quite costly. Therefore, make sure to avoid these unpleasant situations by finding reliable shipping companies. 

a huge shipping area
You should find a good shipping company

Gather all the documents about your vehicle  

When you are moving to Japan, you need to gather all your personal documents. This should include your passport, visa, birth certificate, university diploma, insurance, medical certificate, etc. On the same note, you need to gather all the important documents for your vehiclePrepare the following documents in advance. 

  • Registration information 
  • Insurance 
  • Proof that you own vehicle 
  • Your driver’s license or a passport 
  • Original vehicle title 

Why is it important to find these documents in advance? Most people might displace some of these documents. For this reason, they might not be able to find the documents right away. People from the shipping company will not ship your car or any other vehicle without all the documents mentioned above. In addition to this, make sure to contact your shipping company to see if you need to gather more documents than those listed here. 

Prepare vehicle for shipping by washing and cleaning it 

When you want to ship any types of items internationally, you need to wash and clean them first. Your car and other vehicles are no exception. Why is it important two wash your car before shipping? You will be able to see all the scratches and dents that already exist in your car. Therefore, make sure to wash your car properly and thoroughly. Do not forget the interior as well. Make sure to wipe down all the surfaces and declutter your car before shipping. You should also document any damage to the exterior. You can take photos and show them to your shipping company. Then, keep those photos until you receive your car again. If you see some new damage, scratches, or dents, make sure to notify your shipping company. These photos can act as proof of your claim if the shipping company refuses to pay for the damage. 

prepare vehicles for shipping by washing your car
Make sure to wash your car properly thoroughly

How to declutter your car? 

Most people keep all sorts of personal items inside their car. However, you should not keep any items inside your car. The reason is quite simple. First of all, all the items inside are not insured against damage. Secondly, someone might steal them. Some shipping companies can refuse to ship your car if you have some expensive personal items inside. Generally, people keep the following items inside the car, charging cables, water bottles, GPS devices, sunglasses, junk, personal documents such as driving licenseetc. If you would like to keep some of these items inside your car, you should notify your shipping company. Since you’re planning to ship internationally, you should think about custom clearance. For example, if you are shipping your car to Japan, make sure to visit the official website of Japanese Customs to see what you can bring inside. 

Prepare vehicles for shipping by performing any necessary maintenance 

You have to check your car before shipping. This means visiting your mechanic. Make sure to schedule your appointment before your shipping day. Your mechanic should take a look at your car and see if there is a problem. Again, this is important if you want to claim the shipping insurance. Your mechanic should tell you about tire pressure, whether your battery carries fully charged if you have any leaks and mileage. Then, it is time to empty your gas tank. Since your car will be transported on a carrier, it is not necessary to have the full gas tank. In addition to this, your car will be heavier if the gas tank is fullLeave only just a quarter full so you will have enough to drive it to your local gas station. Lastly, remove any outside accessorize that can be damaged during transit. 

man refilling oil
You should have a mechanic to check the overall condition of your vehicle

Read your contract carefully before signing it 

This goes without saying, you should read all the contracts carefully before signing them. Since you’re shipping your car, you should work out all the details with your shipping company. These details include your pickup and delivery date, method of shipment, whether it is a door to door delivery or not, and so on. In addition to this, you need to ask about the payment. Make sure to know what exactly you are paying for. Lastly, you should lock your car but leave a copy of your keys to your shipping company. You should never give your only set of keys to your shipping company. Make a copy if necessary. 

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