How to prepare for moving from Japan to San Francisco

Moving from Japan to San Francisco is not an easy task, and it can be very stressful for you and your family. Also, this is a long-distance move and it requires a lot of planning. With good preparation and information, you should be able to change the continent easily. So there are a couple of things on which you should focus on. For starters, you should organize a family meeting on which you can explain your reasons for such a move. This is especially important if you have kids. They might feel that you are uprooting them and you need to be extra careful when you talk to them. Moreover, you need to decide when is the best time to move, because this will also influence the price. There are also more important aspects of such a long-distance move which we will explore in the further text.

Find suitable movers when moving from Japan to San Francisco

When making a long-distance move, finding the right moving company is your highest priority. And moving from Japan to San Francisco falls into this category. Organizing this kind of move is not easy and it will take up your time and your money. But, you must do your research to avoid any fraudulent movers. In today’s world, you can find any information you need on the internet. And that is where you should start your search. Read reviews and read them carefully. It isn’t good if their reviews are all good or all bad. Experienced companies will have both of them. See what kind of service they provide and compare them to others. Make sure that they can provide you with good sea freight forwarders because when you are changing the continent this is the cheapest mean of transporting your items.

a lighthouse and a freighter - Find suitable movers when moving from Japan to San Francisco
Shipping by sea is the cheapest way of transporting your cargo when moving from Japan to San Francisco

Pack your items properly

To save a little bit of money you should consider doing some things by yourself. And packing your items is it. You just need the right packing material and everything else will fall in its place. If you have fragile items put them in properly sized boxes. If they are not of the proper size you can use packing peanuts to fill in voids. Use bubble wraps or airbags if you have glassware. You can put multiple layers of bubble wrap around the fragile item to make sure they do not break. Use duct tape to further protect the boxes and make sure you label them. In that way, you will know where your stuff is, and from which part of the house they are. And, you should check cargo import legislative to see what kinds of items are forbidden to take in another country.

Pick the right neighborhood for you when moving from Japan to San Francisco

Planning in advance makes a moving process a lot easier. When moving from Japan to San Francisco planning in advance is something you must definitely do. So, if you have an opportunity to go to San Francisco and see different neighborhoods, you should do so. Pacific Heights is one of the top neighborhoods when it comes to the quality of life. There are unbelievable views of the coast, bridge, island, and Presidio. This neighborhood is one of the most expensive areas in the US chosen predominantly by billionaires. Sunset District is the largest neighborhood in San Francisco and it has a population of about 85000 people. There are even three sub-neighborhoods and they are:

Sunset District
Sunset District
  • Central Sunset
  • Outer Sunset
  • Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset is considered as one of the coolest neighborhoods for a living. You should also check out Noe Valley, Seacliff, Presidio Heights, Marina, and Richmond District.

Be prepared for cultural differences

It may come as a surprise but while in Japan there is no eating and drinking on-the-go. So if that is not part of your daily routine it may very well become when your move to San Francisco is complete. Hygiene customs in Japan are incredibly important. Maybe you are accustomed to seeing a lot of face masks on the streets or in public transportation especially if you have a cold.

Flu mask for protection of virus
Hygiene customs in Japan are incredibly important.

But such etiquette in the US is non-existent. Also, remember that you don’t have to take off your shoes always when you are entering someone’s home. When moving from Japan to San Francisco, be aware that neighbors and friends that you will find might not value punctuality as much as you do. But don’t be offended if that is the case. Nobody is trying to disrespect you and you shouldn’t take it seriously.

What to expect when moving to San Francisco

You need to take into consideration a couple of things when moving from Japan to San Francisco. Feel free to compare prices between two countries or the place you live in and San Francisco. San Francisco has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with moist mild winters and dry summers. Of all major cities in the United States, San Francisco has the second-highest percentage of residents with a college degree. It became a hub for technological driven economic growth during the internet boom of the 1990s, and still holds an important position in the world today. The tech sector’s dominance in the Bay Area is internationally recognized and continues to attract new businesses and young entrepreneurs from all over the globe. There are also a lot of parks that you can go to relax. The largest and best-known city park is Golden Gate Park.

Moving to San Francisco; how to do it right

Following the steps written in the text will ease you’re moving from Japan to San Francisco. In order to be calm, you need to understand moving contracts and paperwork. You need to take and find the best movers for you. Prepare your family by talking to them or, organize a family meeting with them. Pack yourself properly. Label the boxes and use the best packing materials you can find. See for yourself neighborhoods you want to move in before you decide to move. And don’t forget to enjoy. Maybe moving is stressful but it is also exciting especially if you are going to San Francisco.

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