How to plan your shipping around the holidays?

It is crucial to plan your shipping around the holidays smartly and fast. Some companies will not allow you to ship goods during these days. There are some of them that will not accept goods for shipping long before the holidays. However, good companies like Kokusai Express Japan will provide all you need on time and are not much expensive but you will need to inform about it earlier.

Plan your shipping around the holidays smartly

Although you have all you need in your pocket, the real problem could be caused by poor organization in the company. On the other hand, the company cannot make long plans around holidays. You should find the right way to organize this job easily and on time.

It is crucial to plan your shipping around the holidays

You will maybe not be able to ship on holidays

Most of the companies do not take goods for shipping on holidays, or days before and after it. If a shipping day falls on a weekend, there are high chances that they will consider Monday as a holiday, too. The best way to check it is to contact the agency and ask for all details. However, good sea freight forwarders could not help you if the holiday is in the next few days.

Take care of the money

Most companies remain the option of policy changes during holidays. The reason is very simple, they have the right to adapt to the current situation. Because of that, you will maybe face with no money refund policy, which presumes that on holidays company will not pay your money back under any circumstance. Overseas shipping companies use this option for cases when they need to delay shipping, which could be caused due to holidays.

Make needed changes

You should know that this is not the same shipping as always. Firstly, prepare for this properly but also be prepared for changes and adapting to new circumstances.

Adapt your expectations to new conditions

Since you are aware of the fact that changes during shipping season are not that simple, you should adapt to the new situations. You can do it in different ways.

  • Cargo forwarding company will maybe suspend all customers’ rights and payments;
  • Some companies will stop accepting the goods for shipping days or weeks before holidays;
  • You will maybe be forced to fill out the special form to accept new conditions.

    Ship with containers
    Preparing for shipping on time is very important

Consider using insurance

Since your goods could be stopped somewhere along the route, you should consider taking insurance. It will be difficult to protect them from damages or losses, even in the best companies. The reason is usually unexpected delaying or changes in the route. Learn types of stress and prepare for it properly. To avoid all those problems, rely on the companies that could help in cases when something happens.

Choose right carrier

While in some cases you can choose between small, large, fast or special shipping methods, in this situation you will not be able to do it. Since it is a situation when you will need to organize shipping in a short period, you will need to choose the option that is most available to you. You should prepare for shipping with a small or not comfortable ship if it is needed. Luckily, companies offer a lot of great ways of shipping.


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