How to Package and Ship Jewelry

It can be a bit nerve-wracking process to package and ship jewelry. Especially a very valuable one. It raises many risks. Your jewelry can get lost in transit, the delivery may delay or it can even get stolen. While those risks will always linger, you can make this process a bit easier if you learn some tips and tricks on how to properly package and ship jewelry.

How will you ship your jewelry?

First, you have to determine what method of shipment that you’ll be using.

Shipping jewelry with your home

If you’re relocating from Japan to another country, then it is the question should you trust your movers to relocate your valuables with your household.

Before you start to consider that option, ask your movers is that even a possibility. There are some items that moving companies won’t move, and very valuable jewelry can be on that list. Still, it is usually the question of liability that can be sorted out by purchasing the additional insurance on such items.

Always notify the movers about the valuable jewelry in your shipment.

By any means, don’t try to “smuggle” the jewelry with your other household items. Anything that movers don’t know about, they aren’t responsible for. If your jewelry isn’t on the inventory list with your signature, you can’t prove that jewelry was part of your shipment in case it gets lost or stolen.

Keep it with you when traveling

In the case of moving to another country, it’s not a bad idea to bring your jewelry with you. Preferably, in your carryon bag. However, you will need to have a certificate of authenticity for very valuable pieces. If you don’t have it, passing through custom may be problematic.

Passport on the traveling suitcase
It all comes down on how much your jewelry is important to you and how much risk are you willing to take.

Also, make sure that you don’t have copies of the designer jewelry. Many countries will seize the knockoffs of branded items, although it isn’t illegal to purchase such items. In the end, it all depends on your luck. You can pass through the custom without anyone looking at you and your baggage, or you can face a thorough search.

Package and ship jewelry by mail

The other option that you have when you need to package and ship jewelry is to mail it. Surely, regular mail won’t cut it. Your best and the safest way is to hire a global cargo forwarding company that has good reputation and experience in transporting valuable items. Make sure to opt for fast and reliable delivery, even if it comes with a pretty large bill.

Choose the courier company that is trustworthy, offer shipping insurance, and a good customer service team. Possibility to track your international shipment is also a great benefit.

Ways to package and ship jewelry on the safest way

It’s not enough just to pack your jewelry in the box and ship it overseas. To ensure that it will be safe during the transport you have to prepare it well.
You can do that by:

  • Investing in high-quality shipping materials
  • Take time to properly pack your jewelry
  • Securely attach the shipping label
  • Reading and understanding the shipping agreement before you sing it
  • Tracking your delivery
  • Making sure that you are home in the delivery time

How to pack your jewelry for shipment

In order to make sure that your jewelry is safe during transport, you will need to pack it properly.

Great advice will be to get 2 boxes – one larger, and the smaller one that can fit inside it. The larger box should be height quality and sturdy.

Line the smaller box with plenty of packing material. Tuck in your jewelry and make sure that it can’t shift in the box. If you can hear the movement when you move that box then you should put more protective packing material. If you don’t hear anything when you shake the smaller box, seal it.

Put some padding on the bottom of the larger box and place a smaller one in it. Fill any empty spaces between the edges of two boxes with packing material. Don’t forget the space between the lid of the smaller and the larger box.
When you close the lid of the larger box, shake it. If you don’t hear anything, it means that you did a good job protecting your jewelry.

Rings in the jewelry box - Original boxes are best way to package and ship jewelry
Since they are designed to keep jewelry safe, they are excellent for transport.

After you tightly seal the larger box, pack it in layers with packing paper and wrapping tape. Write your tracking code on it, but be sure that there aren’t any references to the content of your package.

This method of packing is applicable when you transport jewelry by your movers also. Also, in this case, you can make package and ship jewelry easier if you have original packing of your jewelry.

Be discreet when you package and ship jewelry

When it comes to shipping jewelry, you certainly don’t want to draw attention to the fact that your shipment contains valuables. If you mark a package with “Valuable” or “Jewelry”, that can make it disappear. Especially when you’re mailing them.

It’s sufficient to write “Fragile” on your package before you sent it. Besides your address and shipment details, that’s all the information that your courier has to know.

Still, just to be sure, think about purchasing cargo shipping insurance. It’s not only available for bigger shipment, and it can benefit you greatly. No matter how big or small your shipment is – if it’s valuable, you should ensure it.

Always save a receipt that you get from your courier. With it, you can track your package and have proof in the case it goes missing.

When you mark your package properly, pack it carefully and choose the reliable way of shipment, you did everything in your power to ensure that your jewelry items will arrive intact.

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